Aurora Island 1

The Mansion Alexander entered was one of the many properties that belonged to his parents before the accident.As he came inside the mansion,he noticed that there were several people inside the main hall;he already assumed in his mind that there were the servants who worked for his parents in the mansion.In order words,there were his subordinates now.

"Young Master,We are very sorry for the loss" said a middle aged man named Frankenstein.Alexander looked towards him,it seemed like this Frankenstein was the steward for this mansion. Looking at Frankenstein, He had a domineering and handsome appearance,thick eyebrows converging close to the center of his forehead.Merely lookifng at him, Alexander inner mind screamed Danger.Frankenstein was a experienced veteran of war,he was rescued by Alexander's parents when he barely escaped the last war he was involved in.

Alexander asked about the location of the mansion and discussed about his plan of building his force with Frankenstein.Few minutes later, Frankenstein replied in a low voice "Young Master,This mansion is located in Flowing Snake;it is a no man's land and not really good for building and expanding your forces but If we are to expand our forces and build a large empire, I'll recommend you to Aurora Island."

"Aurora Island?" Alexander was puzzled,He had never heard news of any Aurora Island.Frankenstein chuckled at Alexander's expression.Infact,when Frankenstein came in contact with news of Aurora Island,It was on a secret file marked sss;High level risk. No matter how many agents were sent to the Aurora Island to investigate,no one ever came out alive,neither a single survivor or dead body so he wasn't surprised Alexander's knowledge of Aurora Island was non existent.After sending a couple of special agents and there wasn't any good news,it was proved that Aurora Island was "Off Limits" and all news about Aurora Island was kept under wraps...

A sharp glint appeared in Alexander eyes and determination was filled to the brim.He was interested in this Aurora Island,It was very mysterious in his eyes and he believed that this Aurora Island was going to contribute alot on his road to power.

As he thought about his parent's abnormal death,his eyes flashed,His aura started rising all of a sudden and converged in the main hall. This startled Frankenstein and the servants in the main hall....

He was going to make sure he destroyed every single person involved in the death of his parents. 

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