The Alpha's Daughter
The Alpha's Daughter
Author: Memories

1_ the beginning

(Serena) when she's 7

"Come, Princess, I'll show you something."

Serena was awakened that night by an angelic voice, appearing out of nowhere and pulling her to the window by some kind of powerful voice.

"Do you see that?"  the angelic voice, sounds inviting.

"The forest?" asked the innocent young princess.

"Hmm, would you like to play with me there?" asked again for the beautiful voice.

"But isn't it dark already?" asked the little princess.

"But if we go there while some of the light guides us. For sure, a large number of people could see you, and they would stop you for sure.

The princess's innocent mind thought about it carefully. The angelic voice was right she would never get her father's approval if she asked for it. This is the only way she can do what she wants.

"Ok fine, but promise me we'll be right back as soon as possible before my father will know it."

In a blink, Serena was already in the heart of the forest, screaming while running after a few moments.

"Help! Is anyone there? She sobbed loudly. Her feet were tired, like the rest of her body was exhausted. She could feel the multiple cuts and painful wounds all over her body.

She doesn't know how she got here. Her only memory was of the stunning voice of a girl inviting her in her dream. She was captivated by her voice and pursued her relentlessly.

Her eyes widened in fear as she yelled, due of a "Roar!" sound some kind of animal coming after her in the swarm of darkness. She's sure it's a fearsome creature. She trembled as she fled for her life. She was aware that if she was caught, she would be killed by the monster at any moment.

Run! Though she couldn't bear it no longer, her conscious mind begged her to flee.

She could see that if she waited just a little longer, the sun would come up and help her. Though their place could only see a glimpse of the sun. At the very least, she knows that the sun will help her. However, she slid to the ground... and she had lost hope.

She would die now.


Serena is still a pup, but she is a princess of the Crimson Blood Pack, a wolf pack that lives beneath the surface. The creature in this place had never seen the sun, the moon, or even the whole world. Why? They were millions of feet above the ground.

Serena was always interested in everything, but she didn't have the freedom to do what she wanted.

She spent her entire childhood inside her fortress and never stepped outside. Her parents and maids had always warned her.

"Don't go out because many animals are hiding behind this beautiful forest," she was told, but on her seventh day of life, someeone whispered in her ear as she slept.

In her ears, the heavenly voice was so lovely and seductive.

"Everything you dreamed of was there."

Her room was at the top of the castle, which gave her a bird's-eye view of everything. Then she tried to escape. She entered the forest, despite her fear of being alone in the dark forest, she simply ignored the beating of her heart. All she could think about was what was lurking in the trees. That could have terrified her parents. She could see a swarm of adorable creatures and even humans in her realm from afar, and they were all rushing around excitedly, trying to enter the forest. She regularly encountered a large group of children playing in the forest surrounded by flowers. Adults occasionally returned with a huge animal on their backs.


"Ride on my back, I'll help you escape from them."

Then, as if by magic, a handsome young man with golden eyes. Like the other adults in their pack, he transforms into a wolf-like beast.

From a lovely young man, he transformed into a bizarre raven color while his gorgeous golden eyes were never left.

She was smitten with him, especially with his looks. She fantasizes about the day when she, too, will be able to transform into a beautiful wolf like him.

With the help of the wolf, she crawled into his back.

They're run faster than the rest anyone she know of their members. She always an watching her pack so she from the top of the castle where her room is, so she knew who was the fastest of them all. She had never seen a wolf as fast as this one. Even one of the newest wolves. 

As they ran, she looked up at the tholesand hole above them. Then she noticed that the sun was aing the high point in the sky above her. She never stopped smiling while carried by the wolf, despite her wounds and pain. She was sure that she had found her soulmate in the form of this boy, not because of his emotion, but because of the way he made her heart skip a beat and butterflies flutter in her stomach.

They come to a halt near the house of the Crimson Blood Pack.

Serena was not sure why they should take a break instead of going straight. After the boy put her on the grounlookshe look around the area.

We stopped at the most amazing spot I've ever seen. Numerous flowers covered the ground; a few surrounding trees; a nearby waterfall; and a large number of singing birds soared overhead, but then they would fly over a hundred holes, adding a bit of light given the energy of the area. This was the first time she felt truly meant to be royalty.

"Are you alright now?" The boy asks, but the boy doesn't seem worried. He seemed bored, or maybe he didn't care. However, as I look into his golden eyes, they reveal a lack of emotions.

I was instantly exhausted, so I closed my eyes briefly before opening them again as the boy shook my body.

"Hey, are you OK?" But, the guy asked, why do I feel like I'm talking to someone else? Even his golden eyes seemed different. Something was wrong...

That was the first time I heard another person talking to me. And it sounds good to my ear. It feels good. I wonder why I feel this way. I have no idea, but I think I should just enjoy it as long as it doesn't hurt me.

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