Behind Chains and Coffins
Behind Chains and Coffins
Author: themorbidwallflowr

Meet the King

We were strong once. Feared.

For centuries we have been both vilified, and worshipped, by the masses. My people were gods to the mundane. I can still feel it, the power coursing through my veins, a ghost of what it once was.

Gently, I lifted my fingertips to the shadows beneath my eyes, touching it gingerly, caressing the mark of my enslavement as I gazed into one of the many mirrors that adorned the gilded walls of the throne room


My teeth ground together at the thought of the word, my fangs threatening to burst forth.

Breathe. He can sense weakness.

Heavy, hot, and uncomfortable, shame washed over me, settling itself familiarly into my bones.

We were once strong, feared.

Now we live in fear, we are made to be weak. Me and my werewolf brethren, gods turned to slaves. 

Burning, the air filled my lungs, each breath both a gift and curse. Breaking the silence, the sound of a lively fire filled the large, colossal space as a giant hearth burned behind the grand glass throne. A few of my subordinates and I waited amidst the victorian columns.

He’s probably busy picking out the perfect outfit. I thought snidely, my arms crossed behind my back, my leather boots in a soldier’s stance. 

‘Diana!’ I heard an inner voice scold, I looked to my right, where stood my Beta.

‘Relax Cole, it’s not like he hears our thoughts too.’ I rolled my eyes at him.

‘If we do not know the source of his power, we do not know the depth of it either. Better to be cautious.’ Cole stared at me sternly, his dark brown eyes full of sorrow, the dark black shadows that framed those eyes worse than anyone else.

Furrowing, I felt concern creep onto my face. ‘You don’t look well” 

‘I’m fine, Diana’

The throb in my gums pulsed. ‘I may be your friend, but I am still your Alpha, Cole. I made it very clear back at the compound that King Nicolai asked for the strongest of my men. I will not be held responsible for your death if you do not follow his orders.’

‘I’m sorry. But it will all make sense soon. I just need you to trust me.’

Flashing in the back of Cole’s mind an image held steady.

It was a woman, with long golden hair, her skin pale and taut with youth, yet her shimmering golden eyes were ripe with wisdom.

‘A Vampire?’

‘Forget it, Diana! Focus on the mission’

Trembling with fury, I released a deep sigh.

“Fine!” I said out loud, the sound of my voice an introduction to the distant sound of footsteps trotting down the passageway behind the heath. With a sudden, shift, my soldiers and I readied our stance as the approach of our King sounded.

Nicolai James Mosrodic.

The self-proclaimed King of the Underworld, Infera. Our city. Our prison. 

After all the time I had spent here, you would think I would be used to it by now. But no, the mere sound of its name, the very essence of its existence lived to stab me repeatedly, incessant and cruel. 

A swift swoosh of a long white coat from the far left of the room had signaled that we were no longer alone. He had arrived, the throne room hummed with electricity as his presence charged the air around us. Through narrowed slits, my eyes watched him walk imperially to his throne and sit, awaiting us to command.

Marching forward, I lead my men to the foot of his throne and knelt, my eyes trained now on the white and gold marbled floor beneath us.

“Chief Darksyde.” His smooth, calm voice spoke.

Cautiously I raised my head to meet his gaze, his dark brown eyes boring into me. 

‘No man as wicked should possess such beauty’ I thought angrily.

The corner of his mouth lifted as he gestured for me to stand.

“Our mission tonight will be a short one.” Raising gracefully, the hem of his white military-style coat swished gently as he moved toward me. “I need to go to my south side compound to collect -” his hand lifted to tuck away a stray lock of my blonde hair behind my ear, “something of great value. Something I believe my enemies are trying to make a move for tonight. I trust you’ve brought your bravest, and strongest?” He said as he quickly stepped away, his eyes assessing my men.

“I have, my King.”

“Good.” for a moment his eyes rested on Cole, his wide gaze narrowing as he watched Cole’s hunched shoulders tremble for a moment.

“For goodness sake, Cole!’ I half yelled internally at him, watching from the corner of my eye as he corrected his posture immediately, his eyes glazed and unfocused.

A wave of heat rose in my cheeks as Nicolai made his way back toward me, concern filling his face.

“Is your Beta okay?” He asked, his tone quiet, gently suggesting a deeper concern.

For a moment I could almost forget…

I took a deep breath,  the heavy fumes of the constantly burning wolfsbane sat heavily on my chest as though reminding me of who he truly is, and the methods he uses to subdue us at all times.

“He is fine, my King. Sometimes our rations are not enough to keep the hunger at bay, but we push through still, grateful to have them.” I bowed my head submissively, knowing he would be eating up such a display of devotion.

But he hadn’t missed the meaning behind my words.

“Are you saying your King does not feed you enough?” He said through gritted teeth. “Do I need to remind you where your food comes from? Your nature requires the life essence of my people, the humans. You survive on our hearts. Is it not enough that I slaughter them for your sake? The unwitting flocks that visit the city above to repent, to pray, to feel something greater than themselves. Vatican city is for those who wish to be better, to be good. And I butcher them for your people.” Suddenly, his hands grasped my throat.

Choking, gagging for air clutched at his hands with my own. The sting of power that lived within him struck me like an electric shock.

“I think in the future you should think about your words more carefully before letting them spill out of that pretty little mouth. I’d so hate to see those lips ripped from your skull, Chief Darksyde.” He snickered before throwing me to the ground.

Gravity pulled me, crushing me to the granite below as I gasped for breath.” Yes, my King.” I uttered the words with about as much venom as I could dare as his eyes grew darker. I watched them unwaveringly as I got to my feet, my insides burning with a furious passion to see those depthless eyes plucked from that pretty face and fed to our brethren. 

If only things had gone a little differently...

Never a moment passes without at least one thought of that day, all those years ago. 

The day our power was taken.

There was no point dwelling on it, I knew that, yet still. Every inch of me longed to turn back time, to save my people from a life as shameful as this one. 

The life of slaves.

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