Behind Chains and Coffins

Behind Chains and Coffins

By:  themorbidwallflowr  Ongoing
Language: English
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Diana Darksyde is tired of her life as a slave. A fate NO Alpha should ever have to endure. After the sacrifice of a loyal soldier, Diana discovers a way to lead her people into rebellion against King Nicolai, a power hungry human with a secret and the source of their enslavement. Little does she know that the Vampire Queen, on the other side of their hidden city, is planning a rebellion of her own. Will they join forces?

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4 Chapters
Meet the King
We were strong once. Feared.For centuries we have been both vilified, and worshipped, by the masses. My people were gods to the mundane. I can still feel it, the power coursing through my veins, a ghost of what it once was.Gently, I lifted my fingertips to the shadows beneath my eyes, touching it gingerly, caressing the mark of my enslavement as I gazed into one of the many mirrors that adorned the gilded walls of the throne roomEnslavement.My teeth ground together at the thought of the word, my fangs threatening to burst forth.Breathe. He can sense weakness. Heavy, hot, and uncomfortable, shame washed over me, se
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Let go
“Now that we’ve got that out of the way” Nicolai sneered as he adjusted his coat and nodded to an elegantly dressed vampire lackey. She left for a moment and returned almost instantly with a crystal glass filled with bourbon. Nicolai sipped, as though to give himself time to think through the words he would use to introduce us to the reason he called us here. “As I mentioned, I need to venture to my South Side Compound to acquire something of great value. The enemies we will meet on our way will be easily identified by glowing white marks on their foreheads. They look like this.” Nicolai held up a piece of paper with a symbol drawn on it.To me, it looked like three stars forming a triangle. Whether it was meant to be something else I couldn’t say, but the mark wasn’t at all familiar. 
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Behind the door
The woods danced with sounds I felt were more than just the rustling of trees. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs once again, with clean, untainted air, knowing what I would have to eventually go back to. The hair rose on the back of my neck.Someone’s out there. I can feel it.As I walked down the driveway next to King Nicolai, my mind stayed glued to Cole’s. I wanted to know that he was okay, in the state he was in, there was no chance in hell he would survive an attack of any kind. “You look worried, Diana,” Nicolai commented, his hand brushing mine as we walked.I ignored the shivers it sent down my spine.
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‘Get up, Diana!’  A familiar voice screamed in my head.There was no mistaking the tone, or the urgency that lay within it. ‘Cole??’ Trembling still from the pain of loss, my mind raced. ‘Get up! If he finds you here he will end you!! GO! NOW!’ He screamed at me.Unsure of what was happening, guided only by the sound of my friend, I sprinted back to the alcove, my brain was frozen by the sound of a voice I knew to be of someone dead.Breathing hard, I stopped at the velvet cushions, tears pouring down my face. 
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