The Renegades

Demon Renard immediately crumbled to the floor as he felt some part of him drain away, he looked on helplessly at Liam on the floor and the dead girl in his arms, unable to even approach them. When Liam's sword had peirced through the heart of the girl, he had felt the excruciating pain, he had felt something tear away from him and the hold he had over the girl had vanished quickly as well. He had expected that the much larger part of him in the girl would rush straight into him but he did not feel that happen, rathe he had felt weakened, like the sword had also peirced through the Angel's body too.

Master Krane had immediately rushed to his side when he saw him crumble to the floor, weak, but he did not need th demon's sympathy and would have dug his whole hand into the chubby demon's stomach and ripped out all its guts if he had the strength to. What he wanted was strength, what he wanted was power, to feel powerful again. He calmed down and breathed steadily as he watched the
Harriet Ifeanyi

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