Chapter 13: The Big Day

Meredith was woken up by a very loud alarm that Taylor had set by the bed. She groaned and rolled around but she knew she had to get up because the big day had finally arrived. She padded out Sarah’s bedroom and into the the living room following the smell of coffee into the kitchen.

“Morning!” Taylor said as she flitted around the kitchen and paused to hand Meredith a mug. “I made a light breakfast just in case you’re nervous. Also don’t want you bloated or anything when you’re supposed to look sexy.”

“Thanks.” Meredith responded grumpily, half sarcastically and half actual gratitude. She was actually kind of hungry she had forgotten to eat dinner the night before. She finished pouring her cup of coffee and adding three spoons of sugar with a splash of two percent milk while Taylor set their dishes on the other side of the island in front of two bar stools.<

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Anette Ebanks
good story of love
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Anette Ebanks
good novels much interesting stuff

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