Chapter 3

"GOOD morning, Attorney!"

I smiled and greeted them too before going to my office.

I looked like shit but presentable naman, but minabuti kong mag-shades muna kase tinamad ako mag-full make-up at ayoko ma-late sa first day ko sa firm.

Galing ko talaga mag-English! Kaya ko binagsak ng professor ko eh.

"Good morning, Attorney!"

"Morning!" I keep walking until I reach my destination.

Bagong renovate ang lumang office ko, mixture of gray and white.

"Ganda ba?" Pagsulpot ng isang demonyo sa tabi ko.


"Nemaiah, designed it. Maarte ka kasi sa design." He laugh.

"It's perfect, but my coffee maker is missing." I calmly said and sat down to read some cases.

"Give me two months."

I looked up. "Are you serious?"

"In two months, your secretary will be here shortly." Grinning like a fucking idiot, My brother sat down in front of me. "You have no choice but to have a secretary. Papa wants me to go to Florence, pronto."

"Oh? I guess that would be a problem."

"I thought you always want to facilitate your own firm."

I shrugged. "That was ages ago. Do you think I'll be able to manage while dealing with these?" I raised all the case file I need to review.

"Make sense, just deal with it for the mean time. I'll be back in two months with your coffee maker."

Nanliit ang mata ko. The hell!?

"Wag mong sabihin, 'yung galing pa sa Italya 'yung ibibigay mong coffee maker?" Nagtatakang tanong ko.

He clapped his hands and give me a thumbs up.

I rolled my eyes.

"Papa will be mad. Susumbong kita!" Pananakot ko sa kaniya.

He stick his tongue out. "Asa! Asa! As if matakot. Bleh! Bleh! Bleh!"

"Out! Out! Figlio di puttana! 'Son of a bitch!'"

"I'll be back for lunch later, see yah!" Then, he left my office.

Nilibot ko ang paningin ko sa loob ng opisina malaki iyon maraming cabinet, may sarili akong table at swivel chair, sa gitna naman ng office may malaking table para sa guest at sofa. Nakakonekta ang opisina ng secretary ko, madadaanan ko iyon bago pumasok sa opisina ko.

Maganda, I love the way Nemaiah designed my office. Nag-ayos ako ng mga gamit tsaka nagbasa ng mga iilang cases na baka sakaling mahawakan ko kung ibibigay ni Mancini sa'kin 'yon.

Dati ay inasikaso ko ang kaso ni Maple sa study area ko sa bahay dahil pinasadya ito sa akin. Binigay sa akin ng kakilala ko.

I was in the middle of reading when I heard a knock on the door.

"Yes? Come in." I said without looking, I'm wearing my glasses by the way.

"Attorney Miranda." I looked up and saw a dashing man in front of me.

And that was a joke, tawa kayo please.

"Yes, do you need anything?" I asked.

"I'm Ryle Iñigo Bautista. I will be your secretary." He smiled and bowed.

I quickly examine him not bad eyy.

"Attorney Elara Lynette Miranda, Criminal Attorney." I smirked and look at him.

I saw his lips trembling, he immediately nodded.

"Is this your first time being a secretary?" I calmly asked.

"Yes po."

I nodded and hand him some note pads. "Read this if you have time. You'll learn something from this."

"Yes, Attorney." He smiled and happily accept the note pads.

"Don't worry, I only have a few rules. It's simple to understand." I smiled briefly, but it quickly faded. "First and foremost, I despise people who are late or tardy. Second, I despise repeating myself, and the third, I don't want someone who is incapable of handling responsibilities."

"I shall do my very best, Attorney. Fighting!" He smiled and give me the fighting look with both fist.

I smiled. "You may start working now."

Lumabas na siya at pumunta sa sariling office niya, manghang-mangha siya.

First time eh, sa susunod tatamarin na 'yan. Lahat naman magaling lang sa simula.

"Hello? Pisces Law Firm is here to help you. You've just reach Attorney Miranda's office; is there anything else you need, Ma'am? Yes, I will transfer the call right now. Have a wonderful day!" From there to here, I can hear his upbeat voice.

Then all of a sudden. My phone started ringing. He appears to know a few things.

"Hello? This is Attorney Elara Miranda of Pisces Law firm. How can I assist you?" I said this said while I was still reading.

["Attorney Miranda, hmm. What's the deal?"]

I could hear her chuckles.

"Dr. Azalea Vivien Fajardo, ahh." I laughed and put down the books I was reading.

["You bitch! Well, I just called to inform you, you fatherfucker, that we'll see each other later at Savita's. Everyone is waiting, don't be late. Bye!"]

Napahilot naman ako ng sentido ng mag-ring na naman 'yung telephone.

"Yes hello? Attorney Miranda of Pisces Law Firm. How May I help you?" I asked while massaging my temples.

["This is Rutherford Santiago."]

"Yes, Mr. Santiago. To update you with your daughter, she's very hard to communicate with. But I'm doing my best reaging with her case."

["Is that so, is there any progress?"]

I smiled. "Its too early to predict that, If you have any more questions-contact my secretary first."


He hanged up the call. I've been in contact with him, having a secretary really ease my workload. I check the time, its past 9 a.m. already. Tumayo ako para pumunta ng pantry nang bigla din tumayo si Iñigo sa upuan niya.

"Its okay, I have an appointment at 1 pm, make sure that time is available."

"Yes, Attorney." He sat down and looked at the computer to type. "You have a trial later, Attorney. 10 a.m. po."

"Okay, thanks." Then, I stormed out.

I was walking to the pantry, nang may nakasalubong akong delubyo.

"Good morning, Attorney Miranda." Chastine greeted me with a smile.

"Morning." I said without glancing at her, I just make my coffee and went straight back to my office to review the case for the trial later.

I looked at my phone, when it suddenly rang. The number wasn't registered.

"Yes? Hello?"

["Attorney Miranda! Let's meet at 3 pm, this is Attorney Villafuerte."]

How did they even get my number??

"Yes sure, Attorney. I think, I have 40 minutes for that." I said the ended the call. "Iñigo." I called my secretary.

"Yes, Attorney?"

"What's my schedule for today?"

"10 a.m. trial, 12 p.m. lunch, by 1 p.m. you have an appointment with Mr. Santiago, 2 p.m. trial, 5 p.m. another trial Attorney and 7 p.m., last appointment for today is with Ms. Gallera"

Looks like, its another busy day.


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