It takes me about two hours to explain everything going on to Sky. We have moved to the bed, deciding it's best to talk about this while sitting down, or in this case lying down.

"So if you are mistress, what does that make me, master?" He asks teasingly.

I lean up on my elbow to look at him, wondering just how he can be amused at a time like this. I swat his arm. "What is wrong with you?" I ask trying to sound serious but I can't contain my laughter.

He laughs too, grabbing me and pulling me on top of me. "Clearly missing so much school is messing with my brain."

"Yeah, clearly." I mock him, my fingers messing with his hair.

"Goes to show how much I love you. Before you, I had never skipped school but now I do it so naturally. You are so lucky I love you." Only Sky can be funny and sweet at the same time.

I start to kissing him, passionately on t

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