The Vampire King and his Omega
The Vampire King and his Omega
Author: Alexandria Christi

Temper Temper


The clear liquid burnt with every inch it went down. My face pinched tight, my breath catching on the flames of the alcohol. Mikaela had the same distasteful grimace ruining her features. By this point we had stopped counting our shots, not needing to know how much of a headache we would have in the morning. Yet the need to get drunk overwhelming our good senses. It had been a long week, running around after pack members who couldn't do much for themselves, really. Not to mention being harassed by elders who were wholly concerned that Mikaela and I would be unmated maidens for the rest of our lives. Little did they know that we didn't want mates, particularly. Going to look for our better halves would interfere with how amazing our social lives were going now. The feeling of being young only lasted a few years. We could pretend to be old when we can't stand anymore.

The music pulsed forward and our hips found it's rhythm. Mikaela and I had been dancing together most of our lives. Joined by the hit, thus making our dancing style unique to us and only us. A slow buzz started in the pit of my stomach and crept all the way towards my brain, making everything around me feel electric. Intense. It was an intoxicating feeling that I had no urge to ever relinquish. Mikaela's red and black colored hair was all but plastered to her forehead as she bit her lip in seductive concentration. The music flooded her body in a sheen of sweat. But it was her eyes that betrayed her. She was scanning the crowd for flesh. Hard, toned flesh. I couldn't be bothered by it. That was her vice in life, to get with as many men as possible before settling down. I blamed this on her parents and how they forced her to believe that only your mate was allowed within your body. That she didn't really have a say over a form that was her, and only hers, to control. Backwards thinking ran deep within our pack.

Sure, human clubs were exhilarating. With their cheap booze and wicked base. Although with its perks came it's downfalls. Human men. Grinding up on you, touching you with their slimy hands. Oily hair glittering like unwanted flies in your face. Their stench all but brought me to my knees. That was one thing I listened to when my father spoke. How pungent and greedy humans were, yet I found the males to be the worst. Mika didn't seem to mind. The only thing prominent in her brain was her next victim. She had high standards, of course, but my standards were almost impossible to match. Where she picked men based on appearance alone, I enjoyed more of a verbal foreplay. Intelligence was sexy, especially if they could come close to matching my own.

That's why when a short, bald man in badly ripped jeans approached me, I all but stifled a growl. His hands had settled on my voluminous hips, his one leg spreading mine apart. As if I wanted him to touch me. Hell, as if he thought I belonged to him. Another thing wolves and humans had in common, they both treated their females like possessions. I went rigid, tightening my arm around Mikaela's stomach even more. I dipped my head until my mouth was next to her ear and let go of a soft growl.

"What's wrong Lucy?" The slender girl whispered back at me, never gazing over my shoulder. This was one of our signs that the other felt uncomfortable. Or that someone was going to start gushing blood real soon. To say I had a short temper would be very negligent. You could say it was non-existent.

"I just need a fucking cigarette." I muttered and pinched the bridge of my nose. Another headache was blooming. Rage brought that along with it. Why this man had woken up this morning and chosen audacity, was beyond me. Hopefully our night wasn't completely ruined because of him. The girl gave me a quick nod and tugged me to our booth, but my gentlemanly suitor did not ease up. Instead he proceeded to tug at my hips harder. I groaned loudly and spun on him. My eyes must have glowed with fury, and my wolf form, because he let go almost instantly. Fear crumpled his face, making me smirk and throw a finger.

Mikaela lead us to our booth again, silent with anticipation as to what had just occurred. Standing before the booth, I took in the spectacle taking place. A couple had taken up residence on the crimson covered booth seats, humping each other profusely. Maybe this night could just go to hell and be done with it. Swallowing some of my violent tendencies I gave them a glare as cold as the arctic. My mood was already at an extremely low and dealing with more horny humans wasn't going to improve it. Straightening my black metallic dress, I cleared my throat, hoping they would hear me over the music. And their raging hormones. You could smell it all around them, clinging to every surface within a two meter radius. But only Mikaela and I could scent it. Some might call us over-grown blood hounds. Sensing my displeasure, Mikaela stepped in and tugged lightly on the girl's dress. it was hitched up well past her mid-section, showing off her very torn thong. They might as well have been fucking on the couch.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" The blonde bitch curled up, snarl on her lips. She was an uglier version of Barbie. More soaked in hormones and lust than Barbie as well. The brown of her eyes looked more like shit than irises. I smiled wickedly at her. No one dares speak to Mikaela like that in front of me. Even in our own pack, people knew not to address her with such a tone. I wouldn't tolerate it or their breathing afterwards. Mikaela was a gentle wolf. In another life, she would have been considered an Omega, but I took up the title, as my wolf was so much smaller than everyone else's. I made up for it with a bad attitude and years worth of intense training with my father, The Alpha. The meek girl ripped her hand away from the blonde, looking down at the floor. She was docile. Submissive. The water to my raging, endless, inferno. I pinned the blonde with another look.

"This is our booth." I stated simply, my gaze growing colder with each passing second. I wasn't someone to push around. The girl smiled, a sickly sweet little thing. if she were a wolf, I would have clawed her throat out for the disrespect.

"I don't see your name on it." She crowed as the boy crawled out from beneath her. His shaggy brown hair stood in every direction possible. Lipstick covered half of his face and trailed down his neck. I smiled, matching her sickly sweet one with another that promised death. My canines shimmered beneath the disco lights. This was going to get us into so much trouble. My anger usually did. But oh, it would be so much fun.

"If you don't move your blood will be on it soon..." I mused, death already a sweet tang on my tongue. The idea of her corpse grovelling at my feet pleased me more than I dared explain. Mikaela would insist I saw a therapist if she knew all of my thoughts. The blonde stood up from where she had crouched over the brown-haired boy. Her eyes sized me up, from my balled fists, to my mocking smile. The wheels turned in her head, trying to figure out who would win between us. Poor unsuspecting fool. I drew back my right fist, aiming for her sternum, when a hand caught my fist. Cool calm tingeled the back of my mind. A light breeze sweeping in to smother my flames. I growled.

"Ladies. Ladies. No need to fight. We have plenty of booths to choose from." My gaze whipped to the owner of the hand. Black thick hair, styled effortlessly. Tall. Radiantly graceful and at ease. Smothering blue eyes.

"If I were you, I'd stop touching me." I growled and aimed my left fist at his nose. He caught it fairly easily, amusement dancing in his eyes. The last part of my rage dribbled to a stop, leaving me feeling almost hollow. I couldn't bring myself to understand why this had happened. Why he could calm me with just a touch.

Mika moved in front of me, locking her eyes with mine. "Lucy. Sweetheart. Calm down. They didn't know it was ours, okay?" Her voice was velvet to me, smoothing my insides. A band-aid I kept applying to myself when shit got too real. I was her protector and she was my salve to an open wound. She turned towards the man holding both my arms, a coy smile on her thin lips. "I am terribly sorry, my friend's temper isn't very tame. And it's been a long week. Please excuse us." She apologized to the couple as well. But I couldn't remove my eyes from the man in front of me. Drinking in every feature he had. From his overly alert eyes to his half crooked nose. The smirk planted on his face.

"Lucy. Let's go." Mika tugged on my dress. My eyes snapped towards hers and instantly softened. She was a full month older than I was. From the moment I was born, Mikaela was beside me. Our mothers thought it best that we grew up together. Help each other along the way. They never realized how dependant we grew of each other. Never wondered what our bond meant when it became time to settle with our mates. If they were from differing packs, maybe we would refuse to go. All we had were each other.

"Okay sweetheart." I tugged my arms from his hands, giving him one last glare before trudging after Mika, her slim figure leading us to the bar. When I looked over my shoulder, the man was still talking to the couple, the girl obviously not pleased by the entire debacle. He had a hard look on his face, clearly scolding the two. Maybe they were friends. I didn't know, I didn't care. The night was already ruined. Wasted, because of some human tiffs I didn't have the energy for.

"Get me wasted Mika." Was all I remembered whispering to her as we moved deeper into the crowd.

Alexandria Christi

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