The Vampire King and his Omega

The Vampire King and his Omega

By:  Alexandria Christi  Completed
Language: English
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(Reverse Harem)(Sequel out now as The Werewolf Queen's Daughter) I was an Omega by birth, with an Alpha for a father. For years, he had pressed me to be more, be better. His little warrior. But training and abuse could only take away so many weaknesses. Rebellion leeched into my being. Exact revenge for the little wolf he had harmed in more ways than one. When time came for my mate to find me, fate had other plans. Vampires were our sworn enemies, but Julian was nothing short of a fantasy. Life was finally perfect, until we realized another part of our hearts were left in my old pack. Mikaela. Wolves had never known two mates, yet Mikaela proved everything to be true. But my father had other plans. War lingered within his eyes and a newfound hate for his little warrior. Gone were the days of innocence and bliss. Let the bloodshed begin. Alphas come and go, but a vampire king will reign forever.

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The Vampire King and his Omega by Alexandria Christi is a fantasy novel about werewolves and vampires. Luciana is the daughter of an Alpha, but she is an Omega birth. She is not interested in mating and prefers to be single. When Julian arrives in her life, Luciana rethinks things. But Julian is a vampire, an enemy of the werewolves. However, Julian is the best she can ever have. Luciana also has lingering feelings for her childhood friend Mikaela. Can Luciana have the best of both worlds?

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Such a well expressed story! I loved every moment of it. I hope book 2 is still in progress because I would love to read the continuation of this this family.
2022-11-25 22:47:04
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Natali Aguilar
Loved it!!!!
2022-10-15 22:23:58
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Natali Aguilar
Amazing love noval
2022-10-15 14:01:16
default avatar
Love it!!!
2022-01-15 10:24:04
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can't wait for more chapters :) if you have any socmed to discuss your story further, please let me know. thank you :)
2021-07-21 13:43:12
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i would've like to read how she escaped from Adriaan and how she gave birth to Katherine
2023-11-11 22:55:59
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Destaney Rei Brooks
Looking forward to reading more of this story
2021-07-09 22:57:20
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sky stranger
Wouldve preferred to read atleast 2 chapters full of fight between lucy vs adriaan since it was building for yrs. But still a good story. Hope they live peaceful for many decades before katharine story. What happened to the human valkyrie though, at what age will she be retired and replaced
2022-02-13 17:20:36
104 Chapters
Temper Temper
PART ONE The clear liquid burnt with every inch it went down. My face pinched tight, my breath catching on the flames of the alcohol. Mikaela had the same distasteful grimace ruining her features. By this point we had stopped counting our shots, not needing to know how much of a headache we would have in the morning. Yet the need to get drunk overwhelming our good senses. It had been a long week, running around after pack members who couldn't do much for themselves, really. Not to mention being harassed by elders who were wholly concerned that Mikaela and I would be unmated maidens for the rest of our lives. Little did they know that we didn't want mates, particularly. Going to look for our better halves would interfere with how amazing our social lives were going now. The feeling of being young only lasted a few years. We could pretend to be old when we can't stand anymore. The music pulsed forward and our hips found it's rhythm. Mikaela and I had b
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Bad Decisions
The headache hit me before the nausea did. A thrumming pulse vibrating through my skull with every pump of my heart. Instinctively I grabbed my phone, wondering how it's possible to have such a hangover on a full moon, the only time where I was supposed to be more animal than human. When I opened my phone, there were only messages from my bank, notifying me of every transaction I had made. Fucking hell. I groaned and turned over in my bed, the cool sheets giving me some relief from my headache induced fever. Half my fucking savings, gone. No wonder I felt like death itself. Mikaela and I had almost emptied the club of its liquor last night. Just as I tried rolling into a more comfortable position, my stomach lurched. All of last night's wrong decisions came flooding me. My stomach cramped as my eyes struggled to reel themselves in from the room spinning too much. So much alcohol was left in my body. Too much, even by wolf standards. My feet slapped onto the cold tiles as I d
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Guilt Trip
After my little chat with Mikaela, I wasn't nearly ready enough to face my father. He would be livid at me disobeying his order. Livid that I had chosen Mikaela over them, in his eyes. Two hours after I had left I found myself outside of a bar on the east side of the human settlement, not too far from the pack. The place was crowded, with bikers spilling out from every nook. I fit right in. Men and women stared at me as I pulled off my helmet, cutting the engine of my Harley. No one dared say a single thing as I strode up the steps of the bar. With Mika on lock down, I didn't have my usual partner in crime. So solo I was. Sundays were normally for family. Or so my mother would want it, but between Sophie's studies, Jasper's grooming and father's lack of any form of bond with his children, mother wouldn't get what she wanted quickly. None of us wanted to bother father, anyway, as he would be sulking somewhere. Licking his wounds over a small betrayal, from his 
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Love Game
I drove behind Julian for what seemed like an eternity. My better judgement had gone down the drain a long time ago, but this was a new level of reckless. Going to someone else's house was madness. Even if he had defended me, the act of coming with him was impulsive. Rash. Still I didn't turn my bike around. Relished in the fresh night air, but didn't even think of breaking away from the SUV in front of me. We slowed down a few kilometers outside of the human town, forest almost completely swallowing the house we turned into. White peddles made up the road leading to a rather large parking area. Before I could take in his house, Julian skidded his car to a stop at the winged steps. Even as he climbed out, you could still see the confident grace he possessed. The long, powerful legs walked towards where I had come to a stop. I didn't care that my pants were ruined. Didn't care how many people might have seen me. All I cared about was getting in bed. With him. His hair had fal
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Morning After
Every sound that I made felt too loud. The house echoed as I padded towards what I thought was the living room. My recollection of last night was vivid in my mind, except the part on how I had to get out. My toe hit a table and it took every ounce of self control that I had not to curse. This is what I got for my efforts. For my recklessness. A nicely veiled fuck you from my own guilt. Cautiously, I looked back, Julian's form not stirring through the open door. Thanking my lucky stars, I crept towards where I thought my clothes were. At least I could recount where I had lost most of the items. Well. What was left of them after being shredded numerous times.Grabbing the shredded pants, I jiggled into them, hissing softly at all the open flesh left from the holes. My bra was next but I couldn't find my torn shirt. Cussing under my breath I decided to leave it and just pull on my boots. This was traumatic enough. How Mikaela managed to do this on multiple occ
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Monday Blues
Every warrior in our pack had gathered in the small clearing, making a sparring field of sorts. Various weapons stood on temporary racks to the left side. Summer sun filled the clearing, lighting everyone up. It was a good afternoon to train. I used to love being apart of a unit. Being a part of them. Now it filled me with dread seeing everyone so closely packed. So many pairs were going off on each other. A kick here, a swing of fists there. They would clash in the center of their makeshift rings, then come apart again for some air. To me, it was a dance to determine who was the strongest partner. To my father it was an opportunity to weed out the weaklings. Much like myself.I needed the outlet, since last night and this morning was still fresh in my mind. Julian had crowded every part of my thoughts, leaving a tangy taste in my mouth. Mother suggested I got some fresh air after I ate. So I had gone and dressed in my most comfortable clothes. Finding them
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Tuesday Troubles
The stars still glittered when I had walked over to Mikaela's house. Her parents had already left for work, as had her brother. She had started her admin job when she was eighteen and still clung to it. That was her way of escaping from our day to day lives. Like the humans, we had attended high school in the human town. Like humans, Mikaela had insisted on getting a job right out of school. She couldn't afford university and her parents didn't want her to attend, so she wanted to start earning enough so that she could further herself. Unlike Mikaela, my job was dictated of me from birth. Being a Beta was hard work and took dedication, and once I get mated, my husband will take the title. Proving once again that women could work twice as hard as the males, but would still come second.Mika was already dressed by the time I walked in, giving us enough time to chat before she was speeding off to another day of sitting behind a desk. That wasn't to be my life, thankfully, but ma
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Dreadful Dead
When you stare death in the face, you never think about insignificant things. Whom you love. The people you wanted to speak with before you went. All the apologies left unsaid. That didn't happen for me. Instead, all I thought as the vampire in the middle smiled at me was, shouldn't he be burning in the sun right about now? Become a pile of ashes and float away on the wind? Contrary to popular belief, werewolves rarely encountered other creatures, especially vampires. So to see so many of them shook the air from my lungs and brought up my breakfast to just below my neck. It also made me somewhat angry to think that all the books my people had left on vampires were very inaccurate. Someone had to get on that problem as soon as possible. Andrew rushed to my side as the vampire smiled at me again, his fangs catching the sunlight. Heartbeats were audible from inside all the homes surrounding us. No one had gotten out safely before these people just waltzed right on in. I had led
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Power Struggle
With more reluctance than I had hoped for, Richard had left with all of his men, leaving the trailer full of roses and my motorcycle behind. No one dared touch the roses, either. Obviously I wasn't the only one who knew that flowers could be poisoned. Chaos took flame the moment we couldn't see their SUVs anymore. Guards screamed at each other, asking how they had gotten past most of the patrols. Mothers ushered their children away, fear still lingering on their faces. Mother had tried to comfort whomever was around, but it didn't stop people from going into full blown panic mode. The vampires now knew where we lived and no one was comfortable with that idea. No one wanted to admit that it could have been worse, either. All the tales of encounters with vampires were wrong, at least to a certain point. Not a single person was harmed or threatened, besides Andrew, who had earned it. Earned every promise of his blood being spilt for the way he had spoken to me. Members of the pack voic
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Collared Dog
Sleeping was a disaster. My body knew to shut off, that I was exhausted beyond comprehension, but my mind drifted in an out constantly. It started with childhood memories. How loved I was as a pup, before I had turned. Before they knew how small I was. Insignificant. Nothing to be proud of. Then I drifted to how I wanted nothing more than to please my father. My parents. Begging my mother to just look at me with some pride in her eyes. Anything other than the constant look of contempt she showed me. She might have smiled a lot, but it was never genuine. Never the same as other mothers smiling at their daughters. After a while I settled on my most prized memories, leaving all the bad ones behind. Sleep overs with Mikaela. Reading sessions at our local library where we would stay for hours on end. The smile she had only for me. How with one decision I brought down hell upon us, the freedom we loved exploring together now a distant memory. If we were forced to mate into different packs
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