Carter's tongue slid deftly into my mouth. Oh, sweet lord, this man could kiss.

My surroundings completely faded as I lost myself in the kiss. His mouth was firm and warm, his tongue lazy as it danced with mine. My entire body went soft, my muscles turning to jelly while my thighs quivered. I ran my fingers through his silky dark hair. He responded by sliding one hand to my waist, while angling my head with the other in order to deepen the kiss.

I moaned into his mouth, unable to stop myself from rubbing against the bulge in his jeans. An answering moan sounded deep in his throat. His fingers tightened over my hip.

"We should stop," he ground out, breaking the kiss.

"Probably," I said with a faint smile.

And then we were kissing again, and the word stop was blown away by a gust of mutual attraction. This was crazy. I had one-night-stands before, but always with men known for more than twenty minute. And never in an elevator.

Yet I couldn't stop the rush of desire swirling through my body. I placed my palms against Carter's rock-hard chest, moaning at the feel of his defined pecs and the thump of his heart under my fingers. His hands were also busy, unbuttoning my jacket, slipping under the chiffon shirt beneath it. He stroked the bare skin of my belly, then moved his hands up and cupped my full aching breasts.

"F*ck," he choked out, squeezing my breasts over my bra. "I could probably come just from fondling these." He says and I blush.

"And I could probably come just by doing this." I said as I rubbed my aching sex against his crotch again to illustrate my point.

Carter groaned. "You realize this is a really bad idea, right?"

"Oh, it's a terrible idea," I agreed, and then I shrugged out of my jacket and peeled the chiffon shirt off my chest.

Carter sucked in a breath, those intense dark eyes widening at the sight of my lacy black bra. Slowly, he took off his own shirt and this time my eyes widened. His chest was absolutely spectacular, broad and rippled, with a dusting of hair leading down to his waistband. The tender spot between my legs began to throb, making me move restlessly against him.

"Are you turned on, Isabella?" he asked hoarsely.

"Yes." My voice came out in a hiss.

"Yeah? Let's see how turned on you are." His big, warm hand reached between my legs to stroke the damp crotch of my panties. He groaned. "F*ck, you're so wet."

His left hand moves slowly down my side and rests on my hip, gently pulling me against him as he grinds slowly against me. He feels incredible even through his pants. I close my eyes and lean back further, my head resting on his right shoulder, the side of his face buried in my hair. Our right hands are clasped together, and he slowly guides our hands down between my legs to gently rub against my sex through the thin material of my panties. Holy damn shit. A surge of a thousand tiny lightning bolts races through my body.

He slowly moves his hand away from mine. "Touch yourself," he whispers in my ear as he rests his right hand on my other hip, slowly pulling me back against his c*ck to meet his subtle thrusts against me. I am so turned on I feel delirious and dizzy. I slide my hand under my black panties. I rub my cl*t in slow circles while arching my back against him, pressing his hard c*ck further against my ass. My mind goes blank as we grind against each other, my finger lost in the wet folds of my sex. His lips touch my ear, brushing a kiss on the outer shell, his breath becoming more ragged. I have never touched myself in front of someone before, but knowing he's watching actually turns me on rather than humiliates me.

"Come for me, Isabella."

His words send me over the edge, and within seconds, my entire body is shaking and quivering as I explode into orgasm. My free hand digs into his taut, muscular leg as I arch back further against him, wanting to feel more of him. He moves his hand back over mine and cups both of our hands over my wet P*ssy as he grinds harder, his c*ck wedged between my ass cheeks. I push my body slowly up and down his just a tiny bit, feeling the length of him. He finally shudders beneath me, his hands gripping me tighter, his breath hot and heavy against my ear.

A ragged breath slid out of Carter's mouth. "Well." He swallowed. "So...uh..."

I couldn't help a smile. "Well. So. Uh. My thoughts exactly."

The corner of his mouth lifted. "That was...unexpected," he finally said.

"Yep," I agreed.

Carter slowly lifted me off his still-erect c*ck.

What the hell is wrong with me? Did I just dry hump a stranger in the elevator in the office where I just got hired. Oh God what if I have to work with him?

Just as my thought were getting back on a rampage, the elevator started to move.

I quickly rearranged her panties and my clothes. I was sliding her arms into the sleeves of her jacket when the elevator doors dinged open to reveal the brightly lit lobby of the building. A man in a brown jumpsuit waited there, an apologetic look on his face.

"I'm so sorry sir, I didn't know you were in the elevator." The man says to Carter who cuts him off with a look.

"We're very sorry for the delay," the man said instantly looking at me. "I hope it wasn't too much of an, inconvenience."

I flushed under his words. "No inconvenience."

"Thanks for taking care of the problem so quickly," Carter added.

The man apologized again, but mostly just to Carter and not me which was just completely weird but I tried not to think about it.

And without a word, Carter left me standing alone and heading out the front door without so much as a bye.

It's probably for the best, I might never see him again.

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