Chapter 4-Nice Trouble

Everyone, especially the freshmen, went back to the field after their much-needed lunch and short rest. 

Paul and Kit were already back in the medical tent but Blaze is still nowhere to be found. Blaze left the two after they had their lunch and with what they were used to, they didn't ask Blaze his whereabouts. 

"Repeat!" the head hazer shouted and everyone flinched in fear. 

All the hazers ran around the field to facilitate the freshmen seeing the angry and grim face of their head hazer. 

Ace Anderson is known for his hot temper and it is showing the instant the activity started. 

Ace slowly walked around in the middle of all the freshmen with his two hands placed on his waist and his intimidating aura seemed to be sucking everyone's confidence to stand his piercing gaze as he passed by. 

The freshmen would scurry away from him as they started to redo their first activity that he shouted to repeat. 

The whole field became eerily tense while Ace continued to walk around with his grim face. 

Everyone is so engrossed in doing the activity when an ethereal apparition walks past the freshmen who are all tempted to steal a glance. 

"Repeat! Where is your focus!?" Ace shouted angrily again while glaring at the freshmen who were gaping while watching the person who looked so fresh and angelic with his almost all-white attire. 

Ace took a fleeting glance and their gaze met again but he abruptly withdrew when he seemed to burn from the other one's stare. He turned away and walked around with his clenched jaw, making him look angrier which added to the fear that the freshmen and even the hazers have already felt. 

"You are late Blaze" Paul seriously said the instant Blaze reached their side. 

"I know" Blaze responded unconcernedly which made Kit roll his eyeballs. 

"Doctors should be on time" Paul continued with his gritted teeth. 

"I'm still not a doctor..." Blaze countered casually while he stood beside Paul and Kit and joined them to watch the activity. 

"Soon you will be..." Paul countered back while he turned to Blaze with his incredulous look. 

"Don't worry, I will be on time when soon, comes..." Blaze responded again with his usual calmness, making his friends shake their heads in helplessness. 

Paul closed his eyes, praying for patience since he can't do anything but heaved a sigh when he felt Kit's hand on his arm, trying to calm him. 

"I have to take a quick shower. I can't stand smelling like a horse all day" Blaze continued to explain while looking straight to the field. 

Paul and Kit just kept their silence to avoid further argument while they continued to watch. 

"You can't just be a primadonna all the time Blaze" Kit suddenly mumbled without looking at Blaze. 

"I'm not...though I have all the right to be one..." Blaze responded with his obvious arrogance. 

Kit clicked his tongue and rolled his eyeballs again because of what Blaze said. Blaze would always have a come back to whatever they would scold him. 

They continued to watch while Blaze became eerily quiet while staring intently at the head hazer who still has a grim face while walking around the field. 

The guy looks dangerously serious that even those who are with him are looking so anxious around him. The freshmen are also looking so nervous that they are messing with their activity instead of doing it right. Who could blame them, the look on the head hazer's face is so dark and scary, they would be lucky if they wouldn't wet their pants. 

Despite the grim look and the very intimidating aura, the head hazer is exuding, Blaze is so engrossed in watching his every move. His tan skin is highlighted by his white short sleeve t-shirt, exposing his slightly muscular arms and Blaze could clearly see every time his prominent muscles flex from his movements. 

"What are you thinking about Blaze?" Paul suddenly asked even without looking at him. 

"Tsk...Paul Sullivan..." Blaze clicked his tongue and mumbled Paul's full name. 

"What is it, Blaze?... Don't do things that you would regret" Paul continued while trying to act casual but Blaze could hear the anxiousness in his voice which made him chuckle lightly. 

"When did I?" Blaze asked back with his amused tone and a mysterious smirk. 

"Don't ever think of trying Blaze..." Paul anxiously warned and turned to Blaze who also turned to look back at him. 

"I'm not thinking..." Blaze replied briefly with his calm tone. 

"Blaze don't..." Paul pleaded. 

Kit just watched the two while shaking his head from time to time, Paul's argument with Blaze is a dim battle and they all knew it, but Paul still took a chance. 

"You've been telling me to be be...warmer..." Blaze continued with his earnest look and calm smile which made Paul more anxious. 

"Blaze please...not this way" Paul continued to softly plead. 

Blaze continued to intently stare at Paul who stared back at him with his worried look. 

"Too late..." Blaze mumbled softly and his calm expression did not falter. 

Paul closed his eyes and heaved a very deep sigh while Kit did the same. 

"Blaze this is trouble..." Kit whispered with his exasperated tone. 

"It might be worth it..." Blaze smiled with his challenging look. 

"Blaze...I take back what I had are good on your own. I and Kit are here, we do get along quite great. Just please don't..." Pha turned to face Blaze as he tried to negotiate. 

Blaze sincerely smiled at Paul but his intent yet calm expression did not change which made Paul gulped in anxiousness. 

"Too late..." Blaze said again while intently staring at Paul's worried eyes. 

"Blaze please..." Paul tried to plead again. 

"Big trouble Blaze..." Kit earnestly and worriedly whispered. 

Blaze stared at Kit for a moment before he turned to stare at Paul again with his now expressionless face. 

"I am Blaze Arden Vaughn..." Blaze calmly said with his dismissing tone before he turned to watch the field wearing his sunglasses. 

Paul and Kit dejectedly heaved a sigh before they both turned to the field, their faces clearly showing the failure they felt. 


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