I can’t believe my eyes for what they are seeing, my ears for what they are hearing, and my mind is having a tough time with all this stuff.

He is here in front of me, drinking coffee, saying sorry for all his delinquency, declaring his passion and devotion for me, giving us a chance to make up. He is asking me out on a date.

Okay, Mr. Brain, one thing at a time. My depressed heart can’t take all these revelations without experiencing a heart attack.

I close my eyes and think about Brian’s monologue, and it demonstrably made me the happiest person. I should have recorded the conversation between us to hear the words out of his mouth again and again. It will be so fun, damn it, I missed it. I don’t perceive why, but seeing Brian pinning me over, or so much despondency for me, the anguish that his eyes hold, I love it.

I am officially a dreadful person. I should feel bad for his suffering, but here I am enjoyin

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