Let Me Runaway

Next Morning

Ansha was packing her things at her desk. Her puffy and red eyes were telling everyone the story of how she spent last night. Moreover, she was constantly rubbing her eyes to stop the tears which were continuously flowing out.

Her colleagues were seeing her state but not anyone had the courage to approach her until Maira see the chance of talking to her.

“Ansha?” She called out to her as she pulls a chair to sit beside her.

In return, she gives a smile to her which broke Maira’s heart.

“Don’t do this to yourself.” Maira holds her shoulders.

“You’re wrong here. Now I’m doing this for myself. For my peace.” She smiles more.

“Just not hurt yourself.”

Ansha giggles and Maira feels her pain.

“How can a person be more broke when he is already shattered, Maira?”

Maira doesn’t have an answer to her question. She just looks at her.

Seeing how upset she is, Maira decides not to persuade her further.

“I’ll meet you after office hours.” Maira softly holds her hands and

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