Chapter 2492

"Marcus, stop it!" Sabrina tried to block the punch, but she still could not prevent Sebastian from getting punched by Marcus.

Nobody had ever beaten up Sebastian like that for nearly twenty years. However, Sebastian did not fight back.

Sabrina felt so heartbroken as she touched Sebastian's face. "Sebastian, are you alright?"

Sebastian smiled calmly. "It's just a punch. It's fine."

On the other hand, the hatred in both of Marcus' eyes was like erupting volcanoes. He glared at Sebastian but smiled coldly and said, "Sebastian, you've come out on top in South City for many years, and the Shaw family and I have always respected you. Do you think we're afraid of you?"

"Wrong! The Shaw family is not as great as the Ford family now, but I am not an easy person to mess with! Even if my family can't compete with yours, I will let you have a taste of what it means to lose and have neither party gain anything in this war!"

"I have no children, and I'm all alone in the world. My three brothe
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