Chapter 2816

When Bella heard Marcus saying that, she immediately said shyly, "Gosh, how can I trouble Master Marcus in everything? No…there's nothing else."

"Come on, Bella, whatever difficulties you have, just say it. My husband is the second most powerful person in South City anyway. There's really nothing he can't do." The fake Yvonne lifted her head and looked at Marcus coquettishly. "Am I right, hubby?"

Marcus looked at the fake Yvonne very dotingly. "Baby, what do you think? I'm a husband that you've picked, so could you have been mistaken?"

"That's right!" The fake Yvonne happily leaned her head on Marcus' shoulder. Marcus hugged the fake Yvonne and was feeling so disgusted that he almost threw up. This Yvonne and his Yvonne indeed look very alike. They looked extremely alike! If this Yvonne did not speak and remained quiet, Marcus would feel that this is his Yvonne and his wife whom he had been thinking of all day and all night. However, the real Yvonne would never make such a request o
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