Chapter 2815

Of course, the fake Yvonne agreed. Three days later, they held a banquet for the fake Yvonne's benefactors at the most luxurious hotel in South City. Some of them were out-of-towners. There were also some from South City. Marcus roughly scanned them and surely, the middle-aged woman was there. She was the woman who was staying in the same area with Mila back then and the one who suggested letting Mile do a DNA test.

Marcus held the fake Yvonne's hand and came to the middle-aged woman. "Miss, do you still recognize me?"

The fake Yvonne immediately introduced her to him. "Darling, let me tell you, this is the lady who had helped me the most. Her name is Bella Hughes. She has always been taking great care of me, including the time I had a miscarriage. She was the one who took care of me. I feel we should give her two apartments!"

The middle-aged woman named Bella immediately waved. "No need, no need. There's really no need for that. To be able to escort you back to your husband's side
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