Chapter XIV

Becca was sitting in her chamber before she was looking at the ceiling. She was laying down on her back as she was trying to learn and make sense of her husband's new secret. It was one thing to have a scandal and one thing to have this secret of being a Vampyre.

Becca thought she could handle it.

But of course, it was not easy to forget when she can still fill the sting of his sharp teeth into her skin as she was laying on his bed. It was not...pleasant but the feeling of getting intimate with Niklaus to that level of sharing her blood, was...turning her on.

Not to mention when Niklaus has the body of a god.

Becca was shaking her head before she was sitting up and she was drawing her knees to her chest. She was looking at the gaslights that were shining her chamber before she was sighing. She did not know what to do when she was looking at the glistening engagement and wedding ring of hers. Only Nik

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Ally Kat
ok so it seems the chapters are just mixed up, the next chapter is the one before this one.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ally Kat
why is there missing chapters before this? it skips to her already knowing, been bitten and already knowing all details from the book. please give us the missing chapter(s)!!!

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