Chapter LVIII

Ian sighed as he was looking at the map of the recent riots that were happening all over the island before he rubbed his face with his hands, wanting to get out of the courtroom as soon as he possibly could. But of course, Nick has another plan coming for them when he saw the duke was pulling some other ledgers that went way back in the ancient time when The Origins perhaps lived. Ian arched his eyebrow at him. "Seriously? Do you want to look at the ledgers now? But it's almost morning and I don't think that we to spend the night at the Stone Tower when we have our wives to warm our beds," he stated as Nick shrugged. The duke was smirking.

"Well, Becca would not be minding when I am busy with the tenants' payment as Becca called my tasks at the Stone Tower," Nick chuckled softly before he was sighing. "Perhaps I am missing my wife dearly as well, Ian," Nick said, rubbing his mouth as Ian was snapping his finger at him.

"See? I told you we ca

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