Chapter LIX

Emily was stunned. She did not know what was happening until she was falling into the divan that she occupied earlier, planning on how to bring her husband down. But of course, it was not him that was down this time, it was herself that was giving in when Ian was kissing her on the lips. Oh, Gods, her husband can truly kiss with that perfect mouth as Emily was moaning inside the kiss. She was gripping the armrests when Ian was whispering against her mouth, their hot breaths mingled together. "Will you insult me again, Emmy? Or will we have to do this all night when I know that we can have something else in mind that will give us the release that we need," he whispered before Emily was hissing at him.

"You are not going to share my bed tonight, Ian. Not now, not ever," she said before her husband just chuckled at her attempt to be intimidating. His obsidian eyes were locking with hers. Emily knew that her eyes were pure obsidian as well when color faded from her

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