Chapter LX

Lord Edwin Moore, who was now known as Edwin Ortiz, a fisherman from Chentersea, was looking at the grand townhouse where his alleged sister was living with her husband. He did not know what he was doing, writing the letter stating that he would love to have a visit with her if Lady Emily Hassildor, the marchioness of Kain, would accept his humble self.

And accepted, he did.

Edwin stepped down from the hackney that he got in Grea before he went to the residential area of the gentry in the capital. He was nervous to meet his only sister when he cannot remember that he had a family member when he has washed ashore on Chentersea. Edwin gulped as the hackney stopped and before he could pay for his transportation, someone had handed the money to the driver as he stepped down from the carriage.

"Thank you, my lord. Have a good day," the driver said before he whipped the reins an

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