Chapter 36 A new path

     Aurelia glared at the termite-ridden chair Mashek brought into the room for her. He turned red at the sight of it. Lord Bathory clapped a wrinkled hand over his eyes, "Mashek, throw it in the fireplace, and get another one," He gave Zinjo and Aurelia a weak laugh, "Haha, as you can see I don't put much stock in shiny baubles or furniture. I'll have no use for things when I am dead."

  Mashek rolled his eyes and left the room. "Lord Bathory stood with his guest, "I'll sit when we all do," He stood behind the desk, "Seeing as we are all after the same creature. Perhaps we should start by recreating the witch trap bottle," He placed the original on the desk.

   The crystal container created a prismatic effect on the desk, and letters were etched into the side, Aurelia could smell the evil intentions on the artifact. She balked and took a step back from it, "I can still smell the wretched darkness,"


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