Chapter 29

After what had seemed like forever, I brought Anastasia on a horseback to the wood near the mountain slope. I sighed in relief when I found the safe house, standing inconspicuously and surrounded by its typical Siberian landscape. The roof was coated with frosty snow. The house was hidden among white trunks of the snow-covered pines.

Without delay, I hurried Stardust towards the warm shelter. A terrifying knowledge that Anastasia's life was in a dire state twisted my heart with sharp pain. I tried to push the thoughts out of my mind. Against all odds and logic, I still dared to hope. She could not leave me like this. I would not allow it!

After swinging myself off the horse, I grabbed Anastasia's listless form off the saddle. She was still wrapped in my red cape. Her face showed no expressions. Her cold body was limp in my arms as I car

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