A Sign For Aiden

A Sign For Aiden

By:  Annabel Oriakhi  Ongoing
Language: English
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ELIAN CARPENTER; 24 year old, 6’4 blonde who can only earn a living by picking pockets and doing other petty crimes in order to take care of his disabled sibling. His life takes a drastic turn when he finds an odd note in a stolen wallet. Now he is off to the Stone mansion to commit his biggest crime yet; steal the heir's heart. AIDEN STONE; The 26 year old heir to the Stone family fortune, In order to access his inheritance, his father dictates he must be married but due to an abusive childhood he developed severe social anxiety which makes it difficult for him to form connections. luckily his father never specified who he should married.

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When are we getting some updates? Loving it so far.
2023-05-29 23:09:46
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Simone Carlisle
Loving it so far! I can’t wait to see how everything goes
2023-02-24 01:35:36
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I love the book... so far they have a pure and cute attraction to each other ...
2022-07-31 19:37:26
default avatar
Book says ongoing but don’t think there will be anymore updates. It’s been over a month. Very disappointed ...
2023-07-04 13:22:12
19 Chapters
Today Is a Good Day
CHAPTER 1TODAY IS A GOOD DAY.ELIANContrary to popular belief night time is the worst time to steal. The dumbass who came up with the idea was definitely a burglar. In my line of work that advice means jack shit. The advice I like to go for is; the early worm gets the fattest apple or something like that.When the sun's up people have the illusion that they are safe that the light brings some sort of security. They're wrong. Personally, I like crowded bustling areas where everyone is on their phones; angry about their boss, about their wives, about their messy kids. All of this brings distraction and a single second is all I need for what was theirs to become mine.I lean back against a traffic light patiently waiting for my next victim. a lady in ridiculously high heels limps across the sidewalk. With a single glance I can tell she's using every ounce of willpower she has to not trip and fall. I smile as my eyes narrow in on her dainty gold bracelet or rather my dainty gold bracele
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Just A Hello Would Do
CHAPTER 2JUST A HELLO WOULD DOAIDENThere must be a school that teaches fake crying that I am not aware of. I do not recognize half of these people but yet they seem more heart broken than me and it's my father who died. I don't feel like crying though I don't see the point and it's not like father died a tragic death. He was eighty five years old for God's sake. The lord was right to take him away.I watch the debacle from a good distance away so none of the 'mourners' find me and offer empty condolences which unfortunately won't bring back my dead father."There you are!" A familiar voice sounds behind me. I turn to find my aunt dressed like she's about to grace a Paris fashion house, "I've been looking all over for you! Come, Richard called. it's time to read your father's will."I cock an eyebrow, so soon? The man's body is still warm for God's sake and it's already time to read the will? The audacity of these people. "Alright." I respond.She smiles warmly, "Go wait in the car,
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CHAPTER 3AQUARIUMElian"Ok Mara take good care of Martin Alright?" I say, pinching her chubby cheeks. "I'll come visit you guys every weekend with lots of treats."She scrunches up her face, blue eyes regarding me with displeasure, "of course I will, I'm the eldest!" She puffs up her chest a little.Martin rolls his eyes making a face in response. I glance at him with a smile he was getting better at reading lips. It helps of course that Mara talks slower. "Why?" Martin wasn't quick enough though Mara saw him, "you don't think it's true? ask Eli! I'm fifty days older than you.""more like five minutes." I mutter under my breath.Mara glares at me. "What did you say!?" "Nothing lady Mara now can we leave please? Jess and Chris are waiting."Jess and Chris are our neighbours and their kid Josh really took a liking to Martin. Though he's not deaf, he's a very shy and quiet kid. Mara has been teaching him sign language to better communicate with Martin. I think they are all very cute.
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To Breathe
CHAPTER 4TO BREATHEAIDENI always thought this house was big enough to hide all of my insecurities but lately I’ve realized how stupid I was. Unless I remodel it into the statue of liberty I’ll have no such luck. I drop my book back on the library shelf, immediately commencing my panic push ups; movement always helps my thoughts flow well.When Aunt Clara first mentioned the idea of organizing a ball I just thought she was just spitting bollocks. Who organizes a ball these days? What is this 1805? How would a ball even help me if she plans on inviting 500 people? Is it possible to create friends in such a rowdy situation? Instead of this charade we should be trying to find some loophole in father’s will and not giving in to his absurd conditions. I wish she would just admit this ‘ball’ is more for her sake than mine.Although the event is four months away, just the thought of it is enough to make my insides twist into knots. After 100 pushups and 50 squats I stand to stretch out my
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Show Me Tomorrow
Chapter 5Show Me TomorrowElianI don’t know but I feel like I’m taking things too far. I should have just walked away after giving my unsolicited advice. He didn't ask for my help, he probably doesn't even need it. I have no reason to be here. He may be deaf but for fuck sake he isn't Martin! I don’t have to do this. I don’t have to be here.Repeating this over and over in my mind hasn't worked so far. I mean, I just ran a million miles in the middle of the night just so a random guy can breathe? What the fuck does that even mean??? Why can't I just fucking go back? All it would take is a simple apology and I can go back to my heist or the planning of said heist at least.I drag my attention away from my troubled thoughts back to the person causing my troubled thoughts. 'There is nothing here,' Aiden signs looking around in confusion.'There is,' I respond gesturing to the playground.He frowns, cocking his head to the side, 'A playground? I don't understand.''Sometimes when my br
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If Only It Was That Easy
CHAPTER 6IF ONLY IIT WAS THAT EASYAIDEN.TWO WEEKS LATER...Brrrrrrr!!!The cursed alarm chimes for the umpteenth time. I groan, reaching over to shut it off. I honestly cannot think of a time when I despised my alarm clock so deeply. I also cannot think of a time when I needed an alarm clock in the first place. For the last five years I have always gone to bed at exactly 11pm and promptly woken up at 7am. My alarm clock and I were always in sync with me waking just as it went off but today we are sworn enemies.To be fair I have never spent nights out playing with a boy before. I have never spent the night out before period. because until recently I have never had a reason to. I hop out of bed and stretch out my sore limbs. Jumping fences is not a skill I'm particularly good at but after repeated usage I have gotten better at it. After my muscles have loosened up, I feel less like a walking corpse. It's unnerving to feel so tired on the outside yet so alive on the inside, consequen
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Scaredy Cat
CHAPTER 7SCAREDY CATELIAN"Stand straight when I'm speaking to you!" Janet snaps."Sorry," I promptly correct my posture, "please continue.""Listen clearly I will not repeat myself again!"I nod faking a smile. Fuck, my brain feels like hot wet fudge. I can't think straight, I just want to crawl in bed and sleep for five years. Is that too much to ask?"Swish a cup of vinegar around in the toilet bowl using a toilet brush," she continues, "then add a cup of baking soda, followed by an additional cup of vinegar. Let the fizzing solution sit for 10 minutes. Use a toilet brush to scrub the stains. Let the mixture sit for a few more minutes and then flush-""Janet?" Harry calls, unknowingly saving my life. He appears in the bathroom door dressed in a business suit, a light colored shirt and a business-style tie, just like the first day we met."Good morning Harry." I greet with a smile. He has no idea what he has just done for me and my poor, poor brain. He returns the smile, “Good mor
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The Monster
CHAPTER 8THE MONSTERAIDEN“We apologize for any inconvenience this must have caused.” My eyes run through the last words of the email and I slam my laptop shut. I an trying not to feel too disappointed but I’m failing miserably.Yet another manufacturer has declined, yet another dead end. I study the blueprint next to me with a deepening frown. The designs for my solar powered cars are basically complete however there is still a monumental problem; I have yet to find a manufacturer that creates such powerful yet small solar panels like I designed in the prints. In stallion automobiles the design and aesthetics of the car are very important. Nobody wants to drive a car with a giant solar panel just sitting on top.“What should I do?” my father and I planned to launch this car within the next three years but now it seems it will have to be delayed further. How hard is to make a compact solar panel?!Brrrrr!!!The alarm goes off causing my to heart race with excitement. Its 11:00 that m
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Smile And Wave
CHAPTER 9Smile And WaveELIANI gently tap Aiden’s shoulder, his tightly shut eyes pry open, taking in the interior of the bar. I have to say it looks better than I anticipated. A candle lit chandelier, huge barrels to store the beer, lots of polished wood, and soft jazz music. It really sells the vibe of 1800’s bar. I like it, it’s warm and cozy. It makes me want to forget all my troubles at the door and just have drinks with a friend. I suppose that’s what the designer intended.I turn to Aiden with a wide smile, ‘do you like it?’ I really hope he does I can tell we can have a lot of fun here.He nods fervently.Thank God, ‘Okay good, should we sit?’He stares fearfully at the few customers scattered about, who don’t even raise their heads to spare us a glance. His face turns pale as his huge eyes find mine.‘They won’t bite.’ I reassure him, squeezing his shoulder gently, ‘they won’t bite I promise.’He nods in understanding. I take his clammy hands in mine, leading us to a table a
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We Can Die Another Day
CHAPTER 10We Can Die Another DayAIDEN“What’s wrong with you?” Aunt Clara asks eying me with concern.“I’m a little tired.” I lie.“Is it the solar project? Is that what’s stressing you out so much?”“Yes that’s what the problem is.” It’s definitely not because I have been gallivanting the city with a handsome stranger.She sighs, placing her tea down, “you know you don’t have to handle it alone right? You can give it to me, I can help you.”“No thanks, that’s all I have I can’t give that to you too.”She winces, “what does that mean?”“That its mine and mine alone Aunt Clara” I reply trying not to roll my eyes, she like to play the victim in every situation, “can we stop talking now? My head hurts too much.”“Well since you don’t need me ever I’m off to work,” she huffs, cat-walking out.“adios.” I mutter.Yesterday was amazing of course it’s just that I always have to pay for it in the morning, and eventually it will catch up to me. Maybe I should re-arrange my schedule to accommod
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