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"I.. I need to go, Zayn. You have a meeting at... I need to.." he stuttered in panic trying to escape, but it was a futile attempt as I had him pressed against my desk. "Pumpkin, let me make myself clear. I am not letting you go, not now, not ever. Especially after you left me with this" I replied before clutching his hand and placing it on my crotch. He gasped and then flushed deliciously red. Oh, I was so going to enjoy this. Zayn Crawford, self made billionaire and hearthrob has closed himself off from the world and promised never to feel again after an accident nine years ago. His plan had been going well untill it wasn't . His best friend and the source of his coldness towards romance suddenly appears by his side once more and that too as his secretary. A plan for revenge, a dark past, dark secrets and passionate desire. Will Zayn be able to open his heart again? When he finds out that nine years ago was more than he knew, how would he take it? Follow Zayn as he unravels his second chance with his green eyed pumpkin, Will Crest.

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Lucky Rout
superb story
2023-11-29 18:00:45
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Great ready. Please update soon!
2023-10-31 12:00:38
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omg every single chapter has me excited for the next, I love it!
2023-10-29 02:24:17
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Akanni Racheal
This is a lovely read! I want to see more
2023-10-27 22:36:11
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Oyinlola Coker
This a must read. Trust me you won't regret it.
2023-02-28 17:10:13
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Oyinlola Coker
Love this!
2023-02-28 17:09:22
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My thirst for bl just got ignited......... by reading this book. So if you know you are a bl lover...,this book is for you......
2022-12-07 19:03:09
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Ifeshayo Faith
This is exclusive ......
2023-10-29 01:48:52
88 Chapters
The New Secretary.
Zayn Crawford stood in his office and he stared out through the glass wall, his office being on the highest floor gave him an outstanding view of the city. With his hands in his pocket, he felt himself relax in the silence of the room, until it was suddenly disrupted by the ringing sound of his phone. He moved closer and peered down at the screen that revealed the name 'The devil herself'."What does she want now?" He muttered and walked back to the front of the glass, completely ignoring the call...more like he tried to. The ringing echo filled the room persistently as he tried to find the relaxing feeling he felt a while ago. It was quite impossible with all the buzzing, and waiting for it to end was no use, she calls back again. He groaned and picked the call."What...""...why aren't you picking your calls?! Don't tell me you're still asleep?!" His mom's yell pierced through the phone and Zayn winced at the damage she'd done to his ear. He brought the phone back up but putting a d
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He looked to his side to see Will focused on the paper in his hand, and wondered how Will had managed to postpone the meeting. He was meeting up with Greg Forger, and he knew just how strict he was about business and being tidy. So it was quite commendable that Will had managed to get him out of the mess. He paused as he realized he had just praised Will in his head and this made him frown. He was still mad at him."What do you think you're doing?" Zayn asked and Will looked at him like the answer was pretty obvious. "Going through your schedule." "Get out.""It's a moving car, if I get out I'll die," Will replied as he went back to reading his schedule."I never agreed to work with you." "I'll keep that in mind," Will nodded as he stared at the list in his hand. "You don't have much lined up for today. After this, you have another conference meeting, then you have some paperwork that needs your approval, then you have lunch with..."Zayn stared at Will as he kept rambling. Will's
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Entering the bar, he recognized Kay's long blond hair that fell a little over his shoulder. He walked over and took a sit on the empty chair next to him. Kay turned his head as his blue rayed frames met his eyes."Why do you look so bleak? you're gonna chase off all the ladies coming at you?" Kay joked and signaled to the bartender "A glass of your most expensive drink. Bill's on him."He looked at Zayn who had on a look of grimace. "Don't look at me like that, I only got one cause I know you wouldn't drink.""Are you here to rip me off or help me?" "Both." Kay said confidently and Zayn let out a sigh. "I got the gist of it over the phone. Here I thought you'd be delighted, but you surely don't look like someone who just got back his basic charm in life.""Enough jokes here Kay."A glass of beer was placed in front of Kay."Thanks." he said and took a sip of it as he popped his mouth in satisfaction. He looked back at Zayn who had on a purple white-striped shirt with the sleeves roll
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Zayn stared out the window as the morning breeze felt his face. His Rolls-Royce ghost was one of the most comfortable places to be in but at the moment... it wasn't doing much justice to the turmoil going on in his head. His dream flashed back into his mind and he ran his hand over his face. He wanted to ignore it, more like he tried to, but the solid proof was as hard as rock and there was no way he could ignore the fact. The realization made him wish for the fifth time that he was suddenly hit by a truck. He had a wet dream. Not of a girl... not of the lady he met at the bar... but a man. His very own bestfriend to be exact. He pulled his hand over his face as a huge sigh escaped his mouth. "Are you okay sir? Would you like me to pull up?" Zayn's head spun around to look at Newton who's question he had missed, and Newton stared back at him through the rear mirror as a look of concern pulled up on his face. "It's the sixth time you've let out a sigh sir, forgive me for asking
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Kay cackled up as he lost control over his body and fell off Zayn's couch. It took him a while to get himself as he could feel his eyes tear up from laughing so hard."W-wait... hold on." Kay said with his arm out and slowly got up "I think I'm okay now,"Zayn, who had his legs crossed and arms folded next to him glared at Kay who fell back down and went into another phase of cackling. "Just let me know when you're done," Zayn said, now sounding uninterested, which deferred from Kay who seemed to be having the time of his life."Oh my god... this is why I love my job," Kay said as he finally got a hold of himself. He took a seat next to Zayn who shot him a killer look and he felt he was about to burst up again."If you laugh about this again I will make you wish you never set foot in my house,"Kay choked up on his laugher immediately as he could feel the menace behind Zayn tone. Also cause he knew just what Zayn was capable of doing. He cleared his throat and he knew he had to get se
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His Voice.
Later that night, just when Zayn was getting ready to leave the office, a light knock fell on his door. "Come in,"The door flung open and Will stormed in looking disheveled. His sleeves had been pulled up to his wrist, he didn't have on his jacket any longer his hair looked like he'd been running his fingers through it– a lot. That was the second stage of Will's frustration, and Zayn folded his arms as he felt Will had given up already. He looked at the time on his wrist, it was way past Will's clock-out time and Zayn gave a slight nod in commendation of Will for taking the work seriously. ...but an unfinished work is still unfinished. His main goal from this was to make Will realize he wasn't capable of the job and he knew how much Will hated being incapable."Here," Will sighed and stretched out the flash to him. "I've filled it out,"Zayn wasn't expecting that."What?" he said and Will gave his hand a little shake, directing Zayn to take the flash in his hand."I've filled out e
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Will stared arms-crossed at Zayn who sat legs-crossed on the sofa and stared back at the furious looking Will whom he couldn't seem to take serious because of the blue pajamas he had on. His black flip-flops matched the sleeping mask he had pulled up to expose his forehead, and his bed hair just happened to be the cutest thing he'd seen all week. Zayn hadn't realized he'd been staring until Will cleared his throat in a loud manner, he finally looked him in the eyes. "Anything you would like to say to me?" Will said, obviously expecting an apology. "I'm throwing out the pair I have of this once I get home," Zayn pointed at the pajamas before he got up and walked over to the glass wall that covered the pool on the other side. He couldn't believe how their taste in similar things was still so much in sync. He'd just had on the same pants before he left for the hanger. "What? You have this too?!" Will exclaimed and realized he was going off the track "That's not the point here. You were
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Zayn pressed his hand on the bed and leaned in closer to get a good look at the tattoo drawn on Will's chest. He could see it draw out to his arms and disappear to his sleeves. He pulled back as he found it hard to get out of his confused state. Will hated getting anything on his skin, a bruise made him itch sometimes, but now he had a full sleeve tattoo drawn."I did not see that comin..." he muttered but stopped when his eyes moved up to Will's face who's eyes were now staring wide eyed at him. "What are you doing?""You got a tattoo?" Zayn asked directly and Will went silent. Silence again huh?, Zayn thought before letting out a sigh."What's your size?""huh?" Will said, caught off guard by the question. Then his brows shot up and his hands slowly crossed down his pants as he gave Zayn a suspicious look. "Why do you care about my size,"Zayn squeezed his brows when he realized Will was having the wrong thought. "Get your mind out of the gutter, I need your size to get you some cl
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A slight knock fell on bathroom door and Zayn's ears perked up."I get you're angry but do you have to lock yourself up in the toilet? it's been over thirty minutes now you know," Will said carefully and Zayn let out a soft sigh. He also didn't like the idea of being couped up in the toilet but he couldn't go back out after seeing how uncomfortable it got... not with his lower part acting up. He looked back down between his legs as he clarified he was good to go."Fine, I'll leave the room, so get yourself out of there," Will said and he could hear footsteps being taken. He held on to the knob of the door and paused as he tried to reason his situation, he didn't want Will to stay far away but then there was no way they could stay in the same room with the way he had no control over himself. He pulled the door and went out but then the two figures froze as they stared at each other. Will hung over the table that had been filled with breakfast, his cheeks stuffed as he had a fork hangi
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The two walked in and Zayn gave a contented nod at the hall. "Just as expected of president Joe. Flashy as ever," he said as he observed the luxurious interior design that chimed and blinged at every corner of the room. The well-lit room captured the elegance of the color purple and cream mix. Zayn and Will came to a stop as they scanned the room for president Joe which didn't take them three head turns to find the crowd that covered him up. "People would think he was the girl of the day,'' Will said as they both stared in the same direction. "Must be tough," Zayn said "What do you expect, he is the president of the biggest company," "Oh, I didn't mean for him, I meant for the celebrant," Zayn corrected as he stuck his hand in his pocket before looking to his side at Will and Zayn couldn't help but think the one people were bound to mistake for the person of the day was 'him'. He had his hair gelled neatly which made his bewitching facial feature stick out more as his green eyes
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