One Hundred Twenty-Nine

Minerva sighed. She had tried to appease thoroughly her father. However, the more that she tried to pacify him, the angrier he became. Thus, she decided to stay silent and let him vent.

Fortunately, her mother and Uncle Khalil went into the garden where they were. As rational as she was, her mother managed to calm her father down. 

She smiled bitterly. She felt embarrassed by what happened. What if Marcus was just playing with her? What if she just took his words seriously when in fact he was just teasing her? She would definitely bury herself to the ground and never appear before Uncle Lorenzo and Marcus ever again!

Why would Marcus say such ambigous words in the first place? Look, she became too flustered! This was the first time that she treated as such on both of her lifetimes. She did not know how to handle such situation. Who knew that it would result into th

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