Chapter Two – The Redwood Wolves

I head downstairs and grab some toast my mother had prepared with eggs. I only grab the buttered toast as my mother protests about me not eating my breakfast, as turning to kiss her on her cheek state, "really mom I have to go" I grab my keys to the car.

Leaving the house, I take off. Today I need to pick Stephanie up. This girl is so much fun. We play volleyball, track, and soccer together. We're playing a team from another state today, so that's cool.

We won the State Championship match for our soccer team. Our team is now competing against teams from other states. If I'm fast because I'm a werewolf, is that cheating? Hey, everyone has a gift, and this is mine."

I am so excited as I drive up to Stephanie's place and honk the horn. We wave to her mother, who is trimming the hedges. Stephanie runs outside while talking on her cell phone. I know she's talking to her new crush because she is blushing. She and I never had a steady relationship. Hopefully, after graduation, we will find "The One." 

Stephanie jumps into the car through the open window. My car is a red convertible Mustang. Because of my parents, I got a job and bought my car; it is not all brand-new and shiny. OK, so maybe she needs some paint, but she's my baby. Stephanie and I wave goodbye as I pull out of the driveway. Her mother yells aloud, "Kick their butts, girls! " We laughed and yelled back, "We will run them over!" We got this! My wolf replies, "Don't be overconfident!"

I reply in my head back to her, "Hey we have you and I on the team. No one can outrun us! We are more agile, with better eyesight, senses, strength, and speed. We always win!"

She does a humph in my head. "We will see Alexi. Today may be different."

I chuckle to myself as Kiki is always full of warnings. Do not kiss that boy, do not be so overconfident. She is worse than my parents.

In my attempt to kiss Jeremy (my ex), my claws protruded and tore at his shirt. It was the most humiliating experience of my life. He looked at me and asked, "What is your problem?"

I mean, I had shredded his shirt. So yep, no kissing human boys.

Kids are parking and finding their cliques as we arrive at school. It comprises the Emu kids, the druggies, the rockers, the country people (they wear cowboy hats and stuff), and the geeks, etc.

Stephanie and I have all blonde friends, but this was not our intention. Therefore, our friends at school call us the Barbie gang. 1. No, we're not a gang. 2. We are not and never will look like Barbie. Our hair is blonde, and our bodies are athletic.

Our friends Rachel and Bethany run up to us as we're pulling into our parking space. Rachel is bursting with excitement over the latest gossip. Rachel asks, "Did you know Jessica is kissing Jeremy over there?"? Girls, no worries. I am so totally over Jeremy.

The smirk on his face catches my attention, and I ignore it.

Stephanie and I have honors classes. Our classes are pretty much easy this year. We completed most of our major classes before our senior year.

Our first class is art. I love art so much. I love drawing the woods, nature, and waterfalls. Today I am working on a portrait of Kiki with her white and gold fur. She is so beautiful and even if she is a nag; I love her. Kiki is loving the painting and letting me know where I need to fix her fur coloring. I giggle, she thinks I am conceited. 

Since Stephanie is not really into art, she is bored. She only took the class with me because I begged her to do so. She may try to draw a cat. We will just call that modern art, okay?

There is a lot of commotion outside. This is the soccer team, "The Redwood Wolves". Before our game today, they will attend some of our classes to see what it is like at a different school.

We watched them get off the bus from the window. All the children in our class are in awe of the team. It looks like the Redwood Wolves are all athletic gods getting off the bus. I could not keep myself from staring at them out the window.

I was not paying attention until this gorgeous hot guy caught my attention. It was like time had stopped and I could not stop looking at him as our eyes locked. I shook myself out of my trance and I turned back to painting my wolf and continued to shake my head.

Ahem! Ms. Greens states to the class. We have some students joining our class right now.

Ms. Greens looks at the incoming students and asks them to take any available stool and canvas. She (Ms. Greens) then asks the Redwood wolves kids to introduce themselves.

The guy with the dark hair I locked eyes with earlier was sitting right behind me. He leans over and whispers in my ear, asking what pack I am from?

What??? That is the silliest question I have ever heard. "What pack am I from?" I reply. He never gets to respond as Ms. Green asked him to introduce himself next.

He stands up and looks over the class. He smiles a big, bright smile. I am Nicholas Wood and the Captain of our soccer team. We are from Redwood Highschool. We are here to kick your butts today in the game. He laughed.

I stand up and turn around, pointing my finger into his chest and state "Whatever!" "I am the captain of our team, "The Warrior Falcons". We will totally annihilate your team." Then I turn around to the rest of the class. Stick my fisted hand up in the air and yell, "Go, Falcons. " The rest of the class cheers in return.

Ms. Greens asks me to sit down and welcome our recent visitors. I slam my behind back on my stool and huff. I mutter in a faint voice welcome to our school – then humph.

I glare at Mr. Tall. Dark hair and gorgeous turning around to resume my painting of Kiki. Nicholas is staring at my painting over my shoulder. I can feel his eyes just staring. I ignore him as he whispers in my ear, "Is that your wolf?" I turn in shock!! I then reply, "Why would I own a wolf? "Kiki is laughing really hard on the back of my head. I tell her, "Really? You are laughing at me?" I can't let anyone know I am a wolf." She laughs back. "So is he." "I know Kiki. He is a wolf from their team." I reply.

Being snapped out of my conversation I hear Nicholas whispering, "I can tell you are talking to your wolf" "If that is her you are painting, she is beautiful" Kiki in the back of my head starts preening and stating, "I like this boy. What a smart boy!" I decided not to reply as I am not sure how to reply. I just look at him like he is crazy.

As soon as the bell rings I dash out of class before Nicholas tries to talk to me more or even worst yet follows me. That pompous, overconfident idiot would annoy the heck out of me.

Nicolas is right behind me as I make it to my next class. "Really?" I am wondering how he followed me. Because of my wolf speed, I can usually keep anyone off my trail. I don't know how he could have followed me.

My face turns red - I am getting so angry. - calm down, I tell myself. The wolf inside me needs to calm down as not to tear apart the next person who walks by. Taking a deep breath, I exhale. As I looked at Nicholas again, I pointed into his chest. How are you following me? I have this superpower, I can usually ditch anyone." he laughed as he replied, "I followed your scent."

I wonder if I smell bad.

Watching me talk to Nicholas as I walk into class, my girls raise their eyebrows. Glaring at them, I explain it is not what they think. Although Nicholas was about to talk to me, I did not want to continue the conversation.

I walked over to my girls and sat down. I roll my eyes when Stephanie asks, "Who is this hottie?"

"Don't you remember Steph? Do you recollect when he introduced himself to our art class?" The girls laughed. "Remember, he's that arrogant Redwood Wolf captain who thinks he can kick our butts. Whatever!" I snorted. "I know, I know. He's just like me!" They teased me.

I wonder why he is stalking me. It is seriously creepy!

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Phyllis Neel
Hey, I'm new to this app, but I wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your story... yes you need a good proof reader, but I'm still enjoying it. Thank you.

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