Chapter 11

My mind became occupied with the information she filled to me. All the more thought comes, the more I can't think straight.

“No. He's not, Andy!” I fought back. It couldn't be. The man I know is not the man I knew all along.

Mr. Rage Koughart Thompson is the CEO of the company I've been working. He managed well this company so good that it made me like him for that. He looks handsome for being so persistent businessman and a negotiator. He poured his heart into his business and I like him because of that. The impostor of Mr. Baltemore can't be the CEO. He's not Rage Thompson.

“Trust me, Grace. Wherever you search his name, that man is Mr. Thompson. And what you've done is shameless. He might fired both of us because of it,” she said in dismay.

Trembling on my feet, I bit my lower lip. I turned away to her, continued to locked the door in the bathroom. Putting down the cover of the toilet

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