Kat was happy to finally see her best friend be happy in her marriage life.

In the one month, Xander has been away, Scar never admitted but she was upset by his disappearance. Yeah, she was mad but she never let it show to her friends.

And now when he's back, Kat could see the glow and happiness on her best friend's face and she prayed it would remain like this only.

Scarlett on the other hand was blushing hard. She was so embarrassed at being seen by her best friend like this. Xander groaned internally for he was so close to taste her lips, he was dying to kiss those soft lips of hers.

On noticing Scar wasn't ready yet, Kat asked,

"Scar, hurry up babe. We gotta leave soon."

Scarlett quickly nodded and went upstairs saying,

"I'll get changed."

Xander was confused b

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