His Triantafyllo

His Triantafyllo

By:  Asterin  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You are lying. I want you. I need you." His voice trembled. "I never had any feelings for you. All this meant nothing to me. I do not love you. I can't love you. You deserve better. You deserve the best." With that I turned around and walked away. "Please, don't do this. I know you don't want to do this. We can be together. Please...." He tried again, running after me. I was sure this was the end. We were never meant to be anyway. But oh! How wrong was I ? *** Scarlett Williams was a normal college going girl and Xander Knight was the cold, ruthless billionaire. She married him just because of a promise she made to someone and he married her because his mother wanted him to. They both were not ready for this marriage. What happens when Scarlett decides to leave him after a year? Will he be able to stop her? What happens when their lives are at stake and the persons they trusted the most betrayed them? Will their marriage be able to withstand all the challenges? Will they be able to withstand the problems thrown at them without falling apart? She came into his life to save him but would he be the one to save her in the end? Read the story to find out more about their rollercoaster of a marriage, an arranged marriage.

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I'm really enjoying your book so far! Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-13 13:42:50
103 Chapters
"Love is a smokeMade with theFumes of sighs."- William Shakespeare_________________________________________________________________________He was standing there. Looking so broken, so fragile. I didn't know what to do. There were tears in his deep ocean like eyes turning midnight sky minute by minute."You are lying. I want you. I need you."His voice trembled.Not able to look at him anymore, I turned my head away."Why don't you get it?" I asked.I never wanted to see him like this.Never thought a man like him would be in front of me like this someday."I never had any feelings for you. All this meant nothing to me. I do not love you. I can't love you. You deserve better. You deserve the best." With that I turned around and walked away."Please, don't do this. I know you don't want to do this. We can be together. Please...." He tried again, running after me.His face clearly showed he didn'
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"Each night , the moon kisses secretly the lover  who counts the stars.."Rumi___________________________________________________________________Third person's povThere she was. Looking as beautiful as moon in a night sky full of darkness shining around and lighting everything up with her cheerful aura, sweet voice , that melodious laugh and ever so pretty eyes. It was to say even stars would envy her.As one would say after looking at her for first time, a ball of sunshine and rainbows was she but as they say people judge too quickly and she was no exception to that.
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"SimplicityIsTheUltimateSophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci____________________________________________________________________The girls were ready to go out and enjoy their night.Mia was wearing a black sequin bodycon dress. Her smoky black eye makeup and nude lipstick going well with the dress. Her bracelet made up of black shiny heart shaped beads looking beautiful on her tattooed hand.Katherine sported a gold coloured dress with plunging neckline which made her slightly ta
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"Listen tothe silence.It's tellingthe truth."Unknown____________________________________________________________________Her walk home took almost thirty minutes. She stopped at a few points to relax , take in her surroundings. She wanted to spend her all night outside in such a beautiful weather. Just what she wanted. But she had to go home and also ask her two stupid bestfriends why they thought it was wide to leave her there alone at the party.She was confused why would they do that. She couldn't find any answer on her own. So thought better to ask them only
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"I want youto know.But I don'twant to tell you."____________________________________________________________________The next day she woke up by sunrays coming through the window and falling on her face making her look like a golden angel with beautiful gold eyes and soft glowy face.A beautiful day, she thought and woke up. She brushed her teeth, took a shower and wore a beautiful red coloured off shoulder dress ending at her knees.It had lace on the sleeves starting from her upper arm. She did a loose braid, applied Kohl and lipbalm. Smiling at her reflection in the mirror, she felt good.
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"Love planted a rose,And,the world turned sweet."____________________________________________________________________On reaching home, she took off her shoes and slumped down against her bed. She was in deep thought which got disturbed by the ringing of her phone.The screen flashed 'Maria' .She took the call."Scarlett, I hope I don't didn't disturb you . Were you sleeping?" She asked with that kind voice of hers."No,you didn't. I was awake." Scar replied tiredly."Oh, okay. I called to ask if you are free tomorrow. You know I planned to show you my baker
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"I wish we could choosewhich memoriesto remember."____________________________________________________________________Today was the day. The day everything changed in his life. The day he stopped smiling. The day he became an orphan.He still remembers it all. Everything they way it happened.Looking at the night sky from his window, he remembered today.The day his mother died. The day he lost everything.It's ironic, same day, 24 years later, he was chosen as the hottest and sexiest man alive on the earth by people's magazine.He always immerse himself in
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It is both a blessingand a curse,to feel everything,so very deeply.____________________________________________________________________He was shouting the name "Maria".Scar knew now he was her son.She stood up to talk to him but he walked past her and towards the doctor who was coming their way and grabbed him by the collars of his shirt and shouted in his face." You, you are the bloody doctor. Why the fuck didn't you start her operation, you asshole. Go and do it now and make sure she's alright or I'll make sure you'll be definitely not alright. Got it?''The doctor was scared and Just kept looking at his face." I
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Trust the vibesyou get,Energydoesn't lie.____________________________________________________________________Scarlett's povI looked out of the window. I don't even want to look at him. He's so confusing.First forced me to get in his stupid car, well, the car's not stupid actually. Its a really amazing car . But the owner,the owner isn't amazing. Infact, he's nowhere near amazing. He's stupid.I don't know why I even listened to him in the first place.We reached the front gate of my university. I was about to get out but he beat me to it and opened the door f
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Take my handand give mea reasonto start again.____________________________________________________________________We reached her place in a fifteen minutes.I didn't turn on music this time.If he silence, then let it be.He can enjoy his silence, Mr. Silencer.We went inside. Xander went straight upstairs where I assume his room would be."Scarlett! I was waiting for you.So tell me, how was your first day?"She asked smilingly.Does she know? Did Xander tell her?Of course he must have told her. He's stup
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