Chapter 44

I was so tired, and after the test, I went to my room, everyone was congratulating me and telling me how impressive my wolf was; no one nor my parents had seen her, they imagined she could have the same coat as my mother, but not the one that could run in flames.

I went to the packhouse almost without strength, when I saw Bruno —Hannia, you never told me that your wolf was something magnificent. I am impressed; you are a worthy queen for me— he said, looking at me; I was already exhausted. I could not avoid hearing his words in my head —What did he mean by a queen for me— I thought about his comment.

—Bruno, I don't understand your comment; I would never be anyone's queen. I have my mate, and I will be a moon; it's just a matter of time, now if you excuse me, I will go to rest,— I said and continued moving forward.

I went up the stairs, and my vision blurred; I had to lea

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