Chapter 43

Daeira didn’t notice she had stayed for too long in awestruck as her nymphs literally had approached her to proceed walking. Daeira then snapped back her focus towards the altar and saw the king waiting in there. That handsome dark lord whose eyes never left her since the moment she entered the hall. Even there was cheering among the crowd, the king was only keenly aware of his bride’s expressions and her breathing accelerated after being caught in surprise with the numberless Aryans in the concourse. But what he didn’t notice was his own breathing upon beholding such sight of his bride in the purest white with her brunette hair had lazy curls escaped from the knots of elastic citrine bands. The only contrasting color she wore what her lava ruby bracelets and none else since she had hidden the two gray stones in the safekeeping of her nymphs, not wanting to consume them with manipulations. She thought of it as a treasure from the planet Pluto where his parents gave it to her as a gi

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