Chapter 12

Back to the place where every path was made of gold adorned with different kind of gems,  Daeira couldn't still get used to it while she walked in bowed head, trying to name those  gems one by one. 

It had been a week since they got back to the palace and the king was nowhere to be  found as well as his hunters. For her everyday there, she had followed a routine of taking a bath into her unearthly luxuries inside her bathroom. Ate her meal served in a long ass table alone.  Proceed into her studies for the Aryan academics through the help of her teacher Leera. Then she'll have strolls on her wide garden which always reminded her of that blasted dream with the king. Then she would blush terribly alone. Oh gosh. She was even thankful that none saw her in that state. She tried to act casual towards the king but her heart would always beat so hard inside her chest. 

Not really wanting to deal with much more of the dreams she had, she went back

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