STBS: chapter 35


I had a fairly good time shopping in Camden market and buying all the shiny things my eyes desires to own! It was such a fun experience! I'd surely get back here again before we move to another place.

"Your boyfriend seems like he need a ten hour sleep," the man said out of nowhere while wrapping up my order.

It's been three hours of constant walking and stopping by in every shop we bumped into. And now, I'm hungry. I decided to buy us a burger meal while Sirius sat down on the bench nearby as he's been repeatedly complaining about going back to the hotel. Annoying! I want to stay some more!

I chuckled at the man's assumption about my relationship with Sirius. I handed him my payment while I grab the tray of food from him.

"He's my husband, actually. But you're right, he looked tired as always," I giggled at my own lies before turning my back from the stall and walked towards Sirius.

As I expected, he began complaining about his aching feet and the shopping bags. Of course, I
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