Chapter 318

Archie stopped talking. Yenny and Suan looked at each other. It was rumored that Archie was a cold-blooded business emperor. He was a man of iron and blood, which was shocking.

In the past, Yenny would only think that everyone exaggerated. But today, when she heard what he said, the calmness in his words and actions was enough to prove that he was indeed a man with a lot of strategies.

It was really rare to see such a young man with such pressing power.

"Young master Grafton is right. Even if I refuse to help Dexon, he will not give up the great opportunity tomorrow. Furthermore, let me keep him busy. He will definitely lose tomorrow." Yenny agreed with Archie's plan. It was a perfect plan.

Archie looked at the time and stood up tactfully. "I will go upstairs to rest first. Yenny, I will leave this matter to you."

Yenny laughed self-deprecatingly and looked at Suan with tender eyes.

Suan immediately nodded at Archie. "Young master, please rest early. I will confirm this with her."

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