Chapter 9. Presh's POV

We got to school but I don't see myself attending classes today,as I walk to my locker with Mike right behind me, I met flourish and favour waiting for me. Donald doesn't have classes today.

"Presh what's wrong?" Flourish asked as she looked at my face. Tears ran down my cheeks as I looked away.

"Presh why are you crying" favour asked concerned. I couldn't hold back anymore. Michael hugged me while comforting me.

"I don't think you are in the best state to attend classes now let's go to the summer house and cool down till evening or after classes" flourish suggested.

" Ok, am in"favour supported.

"Me too" mike joined in.

We headed for Mike's car and headed to the summer house. Summer House is a house in a few miles from the humans. It has a beautiful scenery and view. We bought it for resting and vacations. it has a kitchen, sitting room, wine cabinet, dining room, swimming pool and five rooms, each of us with our own rooms excepts flourish

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