Chapter 6 - Brandon

 I spent the morning in meetings with my father and Former-Alpha Jared. We were discussing my upcoming Beta ceremony, Devin’s Delta ceremony, and the Blue Crescent pack’s visit.  Zak was apparently in a meeting with the Oracle.  I couldn’t help but worry. Why was he visiting the Oracle?  Was something wrong between him and Charlie? Were they having trouble conceiving a pup? When I saw them this morning, they looked awful.

           Though I know that the Oracle was the mouthpiece of Selene, she creeped me out.  She was a wizened old woman who was well into her 90s.  Her eyes are the amber of the Goddess’s and they seemed to hint that she knew something that I didn’t.  Every time that I was near her, I felt like she knew some secret about me that I couldn’t figure out. Her smirks and perplexing comments made me uneas

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