➡️ Aruda :

I breathed hardly as I remembered it.

 Eric pinned underneath the rogue Alpha.

 I had to shoot because I couldn't bare seeing him die even though he is my enemy.

  But I let him get away. I slammed my fist on my bed in anger.

"Damn you Eric, what the hell are you doing this to me". I muttered looking up.

 My room was currently pitch black and the curtains closed.

I collapsed on my bed, the black sheets running against my skin. It felt relaxing. I need some sleep.

  As I laid in bed, I felt my mind drift off. In a snap I was gone, sleeping with my dreams either full of nightmares or Eric.

 Screw you Eric.


  My alarm blared in my ears. I was so shocked I fell of my bed. As I got up , my head collided with the dresser and pain exploded in my head. Standing up I walked to my dresser half dead. Why did I take this job, now I have to go to school.

 Looking at myself after dressing up, I nodded.

Just naturally straight hair and black eyeliner that made my blue eyes pop.

 Walking back over to the bed I grabbed my bag and ran down to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of french toast for breakfast.

 I looked at the time, half-past 6.

 Gotta go now.

Racing out of the door to my car. Just as i did a horn honked.

My eyes snapped to the source.

 A black wagon was parked in the front of my house.

Who the hell has that kind of money.

  The window was rolled down revealing a grinning Amora.

  How the hell did they find out where I live. I'm so gonna die because of them.

 "Aruda get in now". Amora demanded.

"I have a perfectly good ride with me". I said pointed to my bike.

Amora roller her eyes. "This is was more awesome and comfortable". Amora replied.

 She's not gonna give up, Is she?

 Sighing, I walked over there and someone opened the door .

Sitting down my arm brushed with someone's. Tingles shot up and down my arm in a good way.

 He sent a simple smile at me. I simply glared at him and turned my head away.

  Remember Aruda, you're here to kill werewolves not fall in love with one.

 After this you will be gone. No more worrying about Eric or having feelings for Eric.

 I could practically feel Eric against me. I can't lie it felt so good.

 My eyes shifted to Eric who was smirking at me.

  Concentrating back on the forest, I started making a plan to take down the Werewolves.

 My partner could help..... I guess.

 Then the car pulled into a parking spot. The doors slid up opening and I was dragged out by a grinning Amora.

 We walked to my locker and I started putting my stuffs away.

"So what do you think about Eric?"

Amora suddenly asked out of nowhere.

  My eyes widened at her question. "He's n..nice". I stuttered looking for who knows what's in the locker.

 Amora raised an eyebrow at me in a suspicious way. "Do you like him?" Amora asked me.

 I looked away and stayed quiet.

Amora gasped at me. "You do like him, I knew it!" Amora whisper-yelled. I covered her mouth in anger. 

"Shut up, Amora would yah?. I demanded.

 Amora laughed but nodded. I glared at her. "Well I think Eric likes you too". Amora stated smirking at me.

I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker door shut.

  Yeah and I'm a perfect angel. 

Anyway, Eric won't like me, I kill his kind and he will one day find his mate. It doesn't matter how cute and handsome he is.

  Wait a sec, what am I saying... He isn't cute nor handsome. Yes he is. No he isn't.

Amit it you think he's hot.

Ugh, what the heck am I doing fighting with this annoying voice in my head.

 That's rude you know.

"Uhmm... Aruda you there?". Amora asked waving a hand in front of my face.

  I snapped out of my daze. Glaring at Amora I threw my hair behind me and stumped off to class.

My last words were, "Get it through your head I don't like Eric".

 I heard Amora chuckle to herself.

"You're so unbelievable".

Blushing I continued my way.


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