Fated To The Werewolf Huntress

Fated To The Werewolf Huntress

By:  Elvis Asiwe  Completed
Language: English
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Having a perfect mate is obviously the greatest wish of every werewolf,but what becomes the outcome when you receive the direct opposite of such wish and fantasies. Damien Dark, the young Alpha prince of the red blood pack,in search of his mate inorder to attain the role of the pack's alpha right after his father's death. Fate plays an expensive trick of hers, mating prince Damien alongside Kara Dugan, immediate daughter to Kyle Dugan,leader of the black eagles werewolf Hunter clan. A hunter clan popularly known for their brutality and hatred towards werewolves. Hundreds of werewolf packs has fallen and gone extinct by their toxin blade's and so has the red blood pack earn countless attacks, losses and destruction from this clan, creating a formidable and everlasting hatred between both pack's and clan. Will Damien and Kara both accept their persuasive inner mate bonds, setting aside the long emminity harboured between both clans?. With both clans and packs permit their love, setting aside their historical hatred?. Also what becomes Kara's fate when her long hidden secret relating one of red bloods greatest loss gets unveiled. Will both lovers bond remain firm or brew up more wars and heightened hatred between both clans?. Will Damien result to killing her to please his pack or follow his instincts? With they both conquer such obstacle alongside thousands more?. Find out?

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Akomolafe Faith
Nice plot can't wait to find out more about Daimen
2022-03-28 00:43:11
46 Chapters
The beginning
Fated to a werewolf huntress Episode 1 Location: Royal cottage Damien's POV Mom and I both lean silently against the soft comfy white coloured sofa, staring both frightened and worried at empty space. "No,no... no Kai" Mom whisper's, running her trembling palm along her stiff pale skin."Do you believe we'll emerge victorious?" she finally breaks the long akward silence. "Honestly mom,I have no idea. We both know of black eagles hunter clan and their brutality,they are faster, more Swift and smarter compared to us werewolves. Dad and his army posses almost zero chance emerging victorious today" I tremble at my words."Moon goddess be with us" I mumble, staring directly towards my fidgeting mom. For centuries,the black eagles hunter clan remained our pack rivals and enemies. Both sides consistently engaged in numerous clashes and battles, desiring pulling each other towards extinction and elimination. The black eagles hunters are extremely and perfectly skillful,fast,Swift and a
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First encounter
Episode 2 The next dayDamien's POV Heading further into the beautiful evergreen forest, I drown myself into nature, gradually becoming one with it. Sniffing in petals of numerous leaves and flowers, I moan in absolute undying pleasure, heightening my eyes and ears sensitivity, reframing the chipping, buzzing and clapping sounds of various birds,insects and tree leaves into numerous tunes. "Told you taking a walk outside the packs boundaries isn't a terribleidea" Ryder states, enjoying every bit of the cool tingling and whistling wind. "I only agreed to this as a medium of clearing my head off the pressurizing traumas associated with being next in line for the alpha throne" I respond. "Just yesterday, few hours after dad's final burial, numerous pressures from the council of elders came flooding into my desk demanding presence of my moonly mated Luna.
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Episode 3 Location: The black eagles Hunter clan Kara's POV "Oh shit....,this aint good" I whisper,eye roaming the environment, searching endlessly for an escape route. "Good morning her princess" a hastily approached guard greets, slightly postrating before me. "Good day Dolan" I respond, stuffing my drenched hair behind my ears. "Another walk?" He whispery questions, wiredly cringing his face. "Yeah Dolan, another walk" I reply head bent while running my toe against the sandy ground. "I wanna believe you roamed within the clans boundaries alone, no sneaking past the boundaries occured right?" He adds, staring inquisitively through my fidgeting skin, temporarily putting aside the royal respect and abidiance. Being next in line for the clans throne,all deserved honours and respect are surely acquainted to me but with involvement to dad's orders and authority,those respect in similar occurrence seems temporarily buried and paused. "Yes Dolan,I did roam within the clans boundar
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council meeting
Episode 4Location: Red blood packDamien's POVTrailing behind mom through the guards crowded hallway towards the palace room, the doors quaking sounds signifying our entrance into the room bestows numerous thoughts into my head.Thoughts of me ascending the throne, assuming the post of the next alpha of red blood pack bestows goss bumbs over my skin and body.Though of me wisely leading my faithful and loyal surbodinates into victorious conquest over various werewolf hunters clan, majorly black eagles hunters clan also sends uncomfortable chills down my spines.Though me being dad's successor and the next alpha of red blood pack seems stamped and cemented,certain obstacles and foe still need to be overcomed,foes similar to Drake and much more.His expression and reaction during the previous meeting regarding my ascension over the throne seems off and etches jelousey,his constant and presistent rage filled scoffs and hisses prov
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Rejected mate bond
Episode 5Written by Elvis Asiwe (Author b)Note: may or may not contain little sexual scenes or activities. Read at self risk.Location: The woodsDamien's POVCrashing safely behind her,earning her attention,a sly smile evolve my lips.Her pretty straight Blondie hair matches perfectly with her broad spotless face, same goes to her moderate puppy glittering eyes and pink coloured lips.Oh,how I've longed and desired viewing this pretty face.Staring down towards her boobs,my sly smile gradually broadens. Their firm standing and robust appearance sure appears seductive enough to cause a boner,her cloth exposing nipples themselves aren't left behind,she certainly screams perfection."Who are you and why on earth do I feel drawn and pulled to you" she questions, staring both happily and inquisitively into my glittering eyes, allowing her revolving vanilla and strawberry stinch collide freely against my nose, sending spinning sen
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Kara's training day
Episode 6Location:Black eagles hunters clanKara's POV.The next dayExpectantly arriving at the lakes shore,it's figure empty environment sends deep and broad cuts through my nervously pounding heart.I expected seeing him,I anticipated viewing his pretty face. Despite rejecting Damien alongside his complicated explanation regarding me being his wierd moonly chosen mate, thoughts about him departing my memories prove futile.Cravings for a glimpse of his Demi God look alike face and jet black brunette coloured hair taunt's my nightmare's, all through the horrible night napping seemed impossible.Leaning against a huge half chopped tree while eye scanning the shore,it's beautiful appearance and the creators wonderful work over it sends unwanted image's of me rejecting Damien few meters away swiping through my thoughts sending guilt filled chills down my spines.His dumbfounded and heart broken expression also had it's effect on me.I felt his broken e
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Kara's training day 2
Episode 7Location: Black eagles Hunter clan (training field)Kara's POV"Nice hit princess,what do you say we go again?" He heave, energeticly charging towards me likewise I swiftly charging towards him.Uniformly slamming both swords against each other,we both push forward, desiring burying the other to the ground."You rejected me Aurora" he groans, earning scoffs from me."You're a dumb ass Dolan,and being my childhood friend,you better than than anyone except Alex knows my level of hatred and despise towards towards dumb asses" I chuckle, earning gritted tooth's from him."Rage your ass out Dolan,I give no damn" I mumble, swiping him of the ground using a massive foot kick."Bitch.." he curse, spine crashing roughly against the tough ground."Told ya I was completely prepared" I mock,foot kicking his stomach, earning whimpering screams from him."Prepared but not enough" he blurts,agiliy swingi
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Missing princess
Episode 8Location: Black eagles Hunter clan.Tyler's POVScurrying faster than normal past the patrolling guards into the clan,I head towards the royal mansion, slightly increasing my sprinting pace.Though detailing the Alpha's attack and incident to the clans ruler may seem a terrible idea regarding the fact Freya and I both attempted murdering his daughter but for Christ sake it's a f**king freaking alpha.Bringing to his notice the recent incident seems best,best regarding him being the clans ruler, signifying he knows best,also regarding my sister and his daughter both murdered and abducted by similar psyscopathric alpha.Barging uninvited into the throne room after out besting the so called highly trained guards,I halt frozen before the clans ruler fierce terrifying eyes boring deep tremendous holes through my fraigle skin.Avoiding undesired death,I hastily crash head bent against the tiledd cozy floor, proving my undying
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Few hours with the mate
Episode 9Location:Red blood werewolf packDamien's POVFeeling the sun's hot but beautiful ray's zone over my face through my window,I slowly stir both eye's open, blinking rapidly the blurriness within my eyes.Moaning loudly,I diverge my gaze towards Kara, napping peacefully and beautifully within my warm and comfortable cuddling grasp.Impossible to believe she napped within my cuddle all through the long and beautiful night.Tossing fallen hair strand's behind her ear,I lean frozen, admiring her pretty and hypotonic sleepy face,her perfectly curved pointed nose likewise her lips sends powerful claiming urges down my nerves,her long bcurly lashes, bestowing her the puppy like sleeping appearance, admiring her hypnotizing face all day long seems essential compared to other tasks."You done admiring my face?" She suddenly questions, eyes continually shut."Huh?" I blurt,taken aback in shock."You done admiring
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Episode 10Location: Black eagles Hunter clanKara's POVDripping extremely wet outta the bathroom,I gloriously and sexily flap my drenched hair, allowing numerous water droplets splatter over nearby objects.A home bath certainly seems better compared to an external bath and after all,my all battered,torn and dirt filled clothes bestows to me unpleasant feeling's of rouged and wild animals.Sitting before my make up mirror surrounded using numerous alluring cosmetics,some even unfamiliar and wierd before me,I result working firstly on my facial appearance, applyly my daily routine facial lotion before focusing on general body.Sliding ajar my wardrobe after mosturizing my skin,I settle for a light brown coloured singlet alongside a black coloured bogus jogger."Hmmmm,home sweet home, nothing feels better than home" I mumble, crashing weakly against my soft comfy bed, drowning deeper into it's relaxing and pleasurable texture
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