I was surprised. When I woke up, no I was actually really amazed that I even woke up.

I thought I was dragon food all this time. But no need to think of it anymore. I don't know how I am alive but what matters is that I am still alive. But the other thing that took me by surprise is the body of the dragon in front of me, just a few metres away from me.

I tried to get up but to no avail, even though I am alive my body is far from being fine. I cannot feel my right arm and my right leg at all. I am also sure I broke some of my rib bones. I still wonder how I am still alive in this state.

I knew before I lost my consciousness that the system announced some notices to me. since I cannot do anything with the current state of my body I could check up on what I missed.

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]….

Levelling up a total of 18 times in one go..even though the monster was Epic ranked, the level bo

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