12: From Different Worlds

It didn’t take long for Keion’s Politics of History assignment to consume him. In fact, the same day he decided his research topic, he headed to the library during lunch time. He pored over the limited passages written in the books he could find and scribbled notes, intending to go by Mrs. Greens’ classroom again after school. One particular book, written by none other than Dr. Calum Daley, held more insight on the Chule Kingdom than he had hoped to find in the school library. Happily, he tucked it under his arm and kept browsing for possible additions to his book list for the week.

As he was doing that, he stumbled over someone who was sitting on the floor, their back against the book case.

As an apology already forming on his lips, he looked down to see who he’d almost stepped on.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when Ceanna looked up, already protesting against the interruption. The moment she saw who it was, she shut her eyes in what can only be described as

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