Chapter 8. Teamwork and teamplay


I feel much more relaxed after Alexei’s statement, especially when Joao and Antoinette back it up, also offering their help. I learn they all have high ranking parents in their pack, Alexei is an Alpha’s son just as Alexis told me. Joao is already a Beta at his pack in Portugal and Antoinette is the daughter of pack commanders. Ditte, Megara and James are all from normal upbringing, just like me. That’s also the reason they were affected by the authority that oozed of me and Alexei, Joao and Antoinette not. “They will be once you learn to use our power properly.” Alexis chirps excited and I roll my eyes to my wolf. “Weirdo.” I grin at her and focus my attention back on my team.

“Okay, now let’s find that new trail and get off this open field.” Alexei takes the lead and I let him. James and I start walking in circles around the pond and the others keep an eye on our surroundings.

Minutes later Ja

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