No! I want play a professional

There is someone who is watching Yang Brothers chat. He is sitting far side from both the brothers but at the same time he can view them both very clearly. As for hearing their conversation he trust his manager very well.

With a curious look in his eyes he watch Yang Shizu. He is wearing a black shirt with the same color joggers and he has covered his face with a grey mask as to conceal his identity. Whereas his curious eyes look at the outfit of Yang Shizu who is wearing a simple white t-shirt on which an anime character is designed.

Though he is having a simple attire but that simpleness makes him look cuter.

A single question came on Chiean Hwa's mind as to how can this cute person be so dangerous and violent while playing MLBB. He then watched Yang Shizu standing up from his chair and walking out of the coffee shop. He then watch Yang Tian coming towards his table with a long face.

Chiean Hwa knew that whatever Yang Tian is going to say is not a good news. So he prepared himself for the news. As Yang Tian said, "He didn't accepted the offer as he said he is not interested playing MLBB professionally." Chiean Hwa smiled as he only replied, "Despite being your little brother you managed the scenario very professionally. As for him not joining let's give him some time as I know that he will sooner or later will join SfX."

Yang Shizu couldn't believe that his brother is the manager of one of the most prestigious team of e-sports in China - SfX. And he couldn't believe that his identity as Misty Feng is known to him so easily. He dialled a number and as soon as he heard the voice on the other side he immediately said, "You in avenging me revealed my identity as Misty Feng." 

On the other side Qi Er chuckled when she heard what her best friend just revealed. Though she knew that because of that post his identity will be revealed. But how did her idiot friend came to know about this as she is curious to know that. Since she knew that curiosity kills the cat so she decided to patiently wait as she knew her bestfriend will tell her about how he got to know it. 

Shizu then continued, "I got text from my big brother who asked me to meet at XX mall Cafe. And there I got to know that he is the manager of SfX and he wants me to join SfX as their mid laner." 

Ofcourse Qi Er wasn't shock hearing the first news as she knew from start that Yang Tian is the sole manager of SfX. But what she didn't expected is them inviting Yang Shizu to be their mid. 

Although it's a good thing that they want Yang Shizu to be their mid because it means they know his capabilities and they know that he is perfect for being in their team. But if she is guessing right her idiot best friend would have rejected the proposal. As she heard Yang Shizu continued, "Ofcourse I rejected the proposal because I want to focus on study not on e-sports career right now." 

She wished that if there's a thing like online punch is invented then her bestfriend would be getting a lot of punches from her. And she decided that she would give him punch when she seems him. And with that she hang up the call after hearing the ranting of Yang Shizu. 

Yang Shizu headed straight to his home as he get freshen up, fill his stomach and decided to play MLBB to calm his nerve. He opened MLBB and clicked on classic match. As he waited for everyone to join. He decided he wouldn't go for Eudora this time as he will be playing Lylia. 

With that he selected the hero and waited for the game to start. The match started and Yang Shizu a.k.a Misty Feng came into mid. He didn't directly attack the enemy X-Borg. As he is farming through his ally turrent. With the help of his minions. He kept on increasing his level, until he reached level 5 which means all his skills are unlock and he is ready to take the enemies down. 

With that he started iniatiting the fights and took the first blood. He kept on roaming to help his teammates as he kept on getting kills. With that the enemies are getting weaker and weaker by the passing time. As he is not giving them chance to level up. He helped Roger in taking down the turtle as this will give bluff to his team. 

After the refresh of Lord once again the team headed to kill Lord so as to gain a head start in getting victory. Ofcourse this time enemies were prepared too as they were ready to not let the opponent team get lord. They were attacking as the opponent team were on defense. 

One of Misty Feng's team died in this sudden attack by the enemies. And ofcourse this is a bonanza for Lylia as she kept on getting kills. With that they finally got the chance to claim the lord as now the victory is theirs. 

With Lord leading them they decided to protect the lord and just then the enemies ADC(shooter) suddenly attack Misty Feng's Lylia letting her lose her HP though Lylia got lucky to reach to her base on right time. As the Lord as broken the turrent of the top lane leaving the base of the enemy be open. 

As enemies were busy in killing the Lord to protect their base Misty Feng and his teammates destroyed the other two turrent leading them to fully attack the base. After a chase of cat and mouse Misty Feng's team lead to victory. As Misty Feng got MVP. 

Winning the match somehow calm the mood of Yang Shizu as kept his laptop aside. His moment of joy got interrupted by his cellphone ringing. He look at the caller ID only to find it unknown as he hesitately picked up the call. 

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