Rings MxM

Rings MxM

By:  The Awkward Leaf  Completed
Language: English
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Matthew Hunt and Ambrose Donovan. Two millionaires, married, but not in love. Both in their mid-thirties and single, it's either they marry each other or their families would set up an arranged marriage with a stranger so the two decided to get married. They were best friends since they came out of their mothers' wombs so they were each other's next best choice. It worked. Their parents stopped hounding them. They lived in the same house, same room, do everything a married coupled would do (except sex), especially around other people, that is until their parents wanted grandchildren.

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user avatar
it was cute. the story is domestic
2023-05-05 01:27:54
default avatar
what a lovely little read so much happened in a few chapters it was amazing. Can't wait to read the others
2023-04-11 00:55:24
user avatar
I really loved this book, they grew so much together endured everything with each other and it only brought them closer...️Definitely worth reading
2023-02-22 23:11:51
user avatar
Ellen Holt
Fantastic book ...️
2024-04-19 02:27:11
user avatar
why no sex...️ (jk I'm not like that, this stories great)
2024-04-15 14:16:58
33 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Do you, Matthew Hunt, take Ambrose Donovan, to be your lawfully wedded husband," The Officiant said."I do," Matthew said."Do you, Ambrose Donavan, take Matthew Hunt, to be your lawfully wedded husband," he said."I do," Ambrose said."You may now kiss."Cheers erupted from the audience as the two slowly leaned in toward each other. For the first time, their lips touched one another. Neither of them felt any spark or joy, but they had to keep up the act. They pulled away from each other as the people around them applauded. Matthew grabbed Ambrose's hand before walking him down the aisle as people threw petals and confetti at them.They both waved at their friends and families as they exit the venue. Matthew opened the car door for Ambrose before going to the driver's side. They both waved goodbye before finally driving off. Once the venue was out of view, the two let out a sigh of relief."Thank god, that was over," Ambrose said as he slumped down from his seat."I know. At least we
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Chapter 2
3 years later...Ambrose and Matthew enter Ambrose's parents' home. They were invited to a party with their friends and family. Ambrose's mom kept on complaining about how his son barely visits them anymore after he got married. Matthew grabbed Ambrose's hand as they walk to the backyard where their parents and guests are."Oh, my dear Ambrose," Melanie cooed as she pulled her son into a tight hug. "Hey, mom," Ambrose greeted as he wrapped an arm around his mom. Melanie pulled away before pulling Matthew into a hug. "My dear Matthew," she cooed into his ear.She let Matthew go and let the two to the tables. They were greeted by their friend before taking a seat across from Melanie. On the other side of Melanie was Lucas, Ambrose's dad. The family chatted as they settle in and wait for the food to be served. Ambrose complained about Matthew's habits like any spouse would do and the table laughed. Matthew tried to defend himself, but almost everyone sided with Ambrose. Matthew feigned
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Chapter 3
"Today's the day Matt," Ambrose said, nervousness evident in his voice."Oh no, I masturbated yesterday," Matthew said and Ambrose gave him a disapproving look. "Come on, I was just joking. I actually jerked off a week ago." Matt said and Ambrose just sighed."We have to be in the clinic in an hour, so please, just grab some shirt and jeans so we can leave," Ambrose said as he stood by the door of the walk-in closet."Hey, I'm going to be jerking off in a clinic and I need to be presentable so I don't get kicked out for public indecency," Matt said.Ambrose sighed for the nth time today so Matt finally settled for a button-down short-sleeved shirt and a pair of trousers. Ambrose muttered 'finally' under his breath as they walk out of the house. Matt opened the car door open for Ambrose before getting into the driver's seat. Ambrose was clearly anxious as they drive to the clinic. "Ambrose," Matt called out."Yeah?" Ambrose muttered."We'll be fine. I promise," Matt said and Ambrose g
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Chapter 4
"Oh my god, we're finally here," Matt groaned as he dropped their luggage on the floor."You act as if you're the one who drove," Ambrose said, rolling his eyes."Shush," Matt said before throwing himself on the bed."You're going to destroy that bed if you keep doing that," Ambrose said."I just did it once. We just got here and you're already nagging me," Matt grumbled. Ambrose rolled his eyes once again and started to unpack the toiletries from their luggage. After he was done arranging the bathroom, he grabbed both his and Matthew's swimwear before throwing MAtt's boardshorts at his face. Matt quickly caught the pair of shorts before it hit his face and he bolted up from the bed, sticking his tongue out at Ambrose. The two changed into their boardshorts before going to the shore. Matthew slung his arm around Ambrose's shoulder as they stare into the edge of the sea, letting the waves touch their feet. "Remember when we used to swim over to that cave in that cliff over there?" M
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Chapter 5
Matthew woke up with a raging headache and the sun bursting through the windows is definitely not helping. Matthew slowly sat up from the bed and was immediately hit with nausea. He couldn't even remember how much he drank last night. He bolted from the bed and ran straight to the toilet, vomiting all his guts out. Ambrose walked up behind him and started to rub his back.He came back to the beach house at four in the morning and found Matthew downing his third bottle of wine, blabbering about incoherent things. Matthew spat in the toilet before resting his head on the seat. Ambrose groaned in disgust and lifted his head from the seat. Ambrose then brought a glass of water up to Matthew's lips and he chugged it down like there was no tomorrow, only to throw it all back up in the toilet.Ambrose sighed and pulled Matthew up from the floor. He carried him back into the room and laid him down on the bed before handing him some aspirin and water. Matthew took the pills and slowly drank th
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Chapter 6
Ambrose and Matthew changed into some linen clothes before going to the bonfire party that night. Matthew tried holding Ambrose's hand as they walk along the shore, but just like earlier, he walked in front of him. He could only sigh as he watched him. Matthew desperately tried to think of what he might've said or done that night, but he couldn't remember anything. Matthew could only sigh as they reached the party. Ambrose didn't take long before he was socializing with people. Matthew tried getting in on the conversation but his mind was too preoccupied with the night before. He decided to just grab some drinks before going back to Ambrose and handing him one.It didn't take long for the two to start dancing near the bonfire, their bodies tangled together as they dance to the beat. It's as if everything that happened last night was long forgotten. Matthew watched as the glow from the bonfire grazed Ambrose's face. He truly looked beautiful. Ambrose's eyes are closed as he enjoyed th
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Chapter 7
Matthew woke up with Ambrose laying down beside him. A smile grazed his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair. The door opened a nurse came in with Matthew's dad following behind. Michael carefully pulled Matthew into a hug, careful not to wake Ambrose up."Your husband's really worried about you, huh," Michael teased. "What happened?""Oh, Ambrose needed to use the bathroom so he went back to the beach house. I was left alone with a fuck ton of alcohol and apparently, I was drugged," Matthew said.Michael shook his head in disbelief. "Your mother didn't come here because she was so disappointed. Did you see the article from last night?" he asked."What article?" Matt asked.Michael sighed. "A woman took advantage of you. She might also be the one who drugged you. Someone snapped a picture now everyone thinks you're having an affair."Matthew grumbled in annoyance. "Did Ambrose see it?" he asked."Just ask him when he wakes up. You might want to call your mom as well before the
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Chapter 8
It's been a few weeks after the incident and the paparazzi have finally calmed down. Once they got home from the beach house that day, Matthew thought Ambrose would retain the same amount of affection but the moment they stepped foot inside the car, Ambrose started to act cold. Every time Matthew would try to hug or kiss him, he would pull away.He tried talking to him, asking him what was wrong, but Ambrose would just tell him that there was nothing wrong. Ambrose has also been sleeping in another room and Matthew didn't know what to do anymore. They're currently on their way back to the clinic. They're going to check if there would be any viable embryos that they could already implant and Matthew couldn't wait, but Ambrose didn't seem to share the same sentiment. Matthew tried holding Ambrose's hand, but he pulled away. Matthew has had enough. He quickly pulled over to the side of the road."Why are you acting like this?!" Matthew yelled and Ambrose flinched in response.Mathew curs
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Chapter 9
Matthew has been sulking for a few days. He really took being a virgin at forty straight to the heart. Ambrose tried apologizing multiple times, but Matthew wouldn't budge. It's like talking to a wall at this point—a giant handsome wall. Matthew was lying face down on their bed, ignoring Ambrose with all his might so Ambrose laid on top of him and wrapped his arms around his waist. He placed kisses all over his neck and felt Matthew writhe underneath him. "My cock is getting hard, Ambrose," Matthew mumbled against the pillow. "Ugh, you're fucking disgusting," Amrbsoe grumbled as he abruptly got off him. Matthew lay on his back and opened his arms for his husband. Ambrose raised his brow at him but he just motioned for Amrbseo to give him a hug. "I'm not hard, I promise," Matthew smiled. "No. Get up and help me pick a color for the nursery and stop sulking. Sulking will not make you any less of a virgin," Ambrose said as he placed both his hands on his hips. "Just you wait, my d
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Chapter 10
They reached the office and Ambrose was getting annoyed with the shit-eating grin on his husband's face. They got out of the car and Matthew slung an arm over his shoulders and pulled him close to his body as they walk. They've always avoided PDAs when they're in the office and it was odd for his employees to see him being so touchy. Melisa, Matthew's secretary, led them to the boardroom where Mr. Carter was already waiting for him. Ambrose stayed behind in his office as he waited for his meeting to end. "Good afternoon, Mr. Carter. What brought you here?" Matthew asked as he held his hand out to Mr. Carter. "Oh, don't start with that," Mr. Carter grumbled before pulling Matthew into a tight hug. Matthew chuckled as he hugged Mr. Carter back. "So what brought you here?" he asked as he pulled away. "Well, I'm retiring and none of my kids want to take over the company and I don't want to force them to run a company they don't want so I came here to ask if maybe you could take over
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