Met You In Battlefield

Met You In Battlefield

By:  Writer LilFlower  Ongoing
Language: English
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Since we have brought trophy to home I wanted to bring my everything to my home. I wanted us to change our relationship status from being dating to being married. I wanted us to be forever couple. Since our everything start from this very stage I want this stage to complete that everything. And I know you had the idea of me proposing you on the finale. So it's not fully surprising for you. I Chiean Hwa on my knees asked you to be my forever partner, the one with whom I want to share my happiness, my sorrows, and create the moments that's out of the world for me. Since you were the first and last one to knock on the door of my heart. Will you marry me? "proposed Chiean Hwa. The whole crowd were moved in tears by hearing the proposal. Because whatever Chiean Hwa just said can be felt by everyone. Anyone can see his feelings. As the crowd look at Yang Zishu for his answer. And even the fearless Chiean Hwa felt nervous when Yang Zishu didn't replied instantly. As Yang Zishu step back a little as he replied by looking at ground, "No! I won't marry you." A loud gasp could be heard in the stadium as everyone is shock and surprised to hear the answer of Yang Zishu. Everyone in the e sports field knew that Chiean Hwa and Yang Zishu are perfect for each other and everyone predicted that if one day any one of them proposes to another the answer will be instant yes. But the scenario has changed as Yang Zishu replied no and walked away from the stage leaving Chiean Hwa and everyone in confusion.

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12 Chapters
"Blast!" And the lights sparkle as the audience stood up in excitement clapping and screaming their lungs out as their favorite team 'SfX' has won the International Championship of MPL. China has finally managed to get it's name on the trophy of MPL. If one asked what's MPL its Mobile Legends Premier League. One of the MOBA strategy type game which has been gain players from all around the world in these past five years. Players from all over the world has struggled to be in this championship. And China has successfully managed to engrave it's name on the trophy of this year. SfX one of the dangerous and everyone's favorite Chinese team has official brought MPL trophy to their homeland. After seeing many ups and down they have finally achieve their goal. As the team stood on stage with big golden trophy in their hands. A victorious smile can be seen on everyone's lips.  Their leader Chiean Hwa who solely have conque
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Meet Yang Shizu
What a sunny day it's perfect to go out" came a soft voice of a guy who is watching the sun from his balcony. His back is visible revealing a tattoo of sea dragon. As his fair skin glisten when the sun rays fell on that tattoo. "But I don't want to go out I'm feeling too lazy to go" said the guy to himself. As if he is deciding whether to go out or not. The cellphone ringing can be heard as the guy turn around and started searching for his cellphone. His off white hairs were mess as his musculed chest is revealed and this clearly show that he likes to keep himself fit and healthy. His ocean blue eyes kept searching for the cellphone as it keep on ringing. Finally he found it under the pillow which he must have kept last night while video calling his mom. He pick up the call and heard the girl voice saying, "You freaking lazy ass what took you so long to pick up the call" shouted the person from the other side of the call. He knew that his be
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Presenting Chiean Hwa
Finally it's my day off today. And I feel like I should go to the mall for shopping came the deep murmuring voice of a guy as he look himself in the mirror his tan skin complexion, revealing perfectly chiseled body like an ancient Greek God.  The white towel which is hung around the waist makes him looks hotter.  As he walk from mirror towards his wardrobe as he selected a white hoodie with black jeans. And with that he get ready and walk out of the room. "Chiean ge where are you going?" asked Xiaoping. The owner of the name turn and look at the guy who just called him. Xiaoping a.k.a. 'Fatty' is a chubby guy with a cute personality but don't go on his cute personality if you watch him playing game you will be scared as he is dangerous to his enemies.  Ofcourse Chiean holds the title of most dangerous player in the China server. He look at chubby with a straight face as he replied, "Going to mall to k
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Who is Misty Feng
Hey did you know that Chiean Hwa was seen in arcade arena of XXX mall" came the murmuring voice of a girl. "I wish I would have been over there I would have asked his hand for marriage, he is so handsome" replied another girl. "You both don't know the interesting part, Chiean Hwa is looking for Misty Feng as he asked some people about Misty Feng" said a guy. "Who is this Misty Feng?" asked another guy. "Nobody knows who is Misty Feng as nobody has seen Misty Feng but he is on number one rank in China as Eudora player. Some people says that Misty Feng understands Eudora very well" stated the first guy. As the whole classroom is murmuring about Chiean Hwa visiting arcade arena. Yang Shizu is completely distracted by these gossiping and murmuring voices. He planned to prepare his self study notes for the coming exams but these voices distracted him. At last he kept his pencil down as he heard someone saying, "Chiean Hwa is looking for Misty Fen
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No! I want play a professional
There is someone who is watching Yang Brothers chat. He is sitting far side from both the brothers but at the same time he can view them both very clearly. As for hearing their conversation he trust his manager very well. With a curious look in his eyes he watch Yang Shizu. He is wearing a black shirt with the same color joggers and he has covered his face with a grey mask as to conceal his identity. Whereas his curious eyes look at the outfit of Yang Shizu who is wearing a simple white t-shirt on which an anime character is designed.Though he is having a simple attire but that simpleness makes him look cuter. A single question came on Chiean Hwa's mind as to how can this cute person be so dangerous and violent while playing MLBB. He then watched Yang Shizu standing up from his chair and walking out of the coffee shop. He then watch Yang Tian coming towards his table with a long face. Chiean Hwa knew that whateve
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At Hospital
Your brother has met with an accident while returning to the base he is in SS Hospital" said the person who has just called Yang Shizu. As soon as the call got hang up Yang Shizu sat on his bed in shock. He couldn't believe that his brother's life is in danger. With wobbly legs he stood up and started running out of the house.  He fell on the ground for three times before he reach the door. As soon as he is out of the door he somehow made himself strong and took a cab to the hospital. The whole ride to the hospital Shizu didn't utter a word as he only prayed in his heart that his brother to be in good health.  The cab stopped at the entrance of the hospital. Shizu thanked the driver as he made his way inside the hospital. He asked for his brother at the reception and he is informed that his brother is in Room 2 of the Intensive Care Unit. He thanked the receptionist and made his way towards the room in which his brother is there.&n
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Drive 2 Home
When Yang Tian opened his eyes he saw Yang Shizu holding the hand of Chiean Hwa. As soon as he realized what he saw he waved hand to his brother who left the hand of Chiean Hwa and rushed to the side of his brother.  Everyone rush to Yang Tian's side as everyone asked the same question, "How are you feeling Tian ge? Is it hurting? Do you feel any pain?" It is only Chiean Hwa who worked with his mind instead of emotion he left the room and called the doctor. Doctor arrived with Chiean Hwa who checked Tian and confirmed that he is doing well and if every thing is alright he can be discharged by tomorrow morning as he need to be in observation overnight. Yang Shizu thanked doctor as he gently hugged his brother and scolded him his heart out as the team members of SfX laughed. But it is Tian and Chiean Hwa who understood the concern and worry behind those scolding.  Yang Tian then introduced the members to his little brother who responded that that he h
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A Home Cooked Meal
Once Chiean Hwa entered inside his eyes look at the house of Yang Shizu. The sky blue color walls, perfectly craved wooden furniture, everything is spit and spat in other words everything is on it's place. Chiean Hwa remembered that he is not this clean and neat freak. Even his room is cleaned by the maid appointed at the base. But Chiean Hwa's heart felt peace and he himself felt so relaxed that he is truly at home. Yang Shizu is staring at Chiean Hwa who is looking at the house of his with very happy and relaxed expression. He wanted to call Chiean Hwa and give him the home slippers but he couldn't dare to do so after seeing how calm and relaxed Chiean Hwa look at the moment. Chiean Hwa's eyes fell on Yang Shizu who is holding a pair of slippers in his hand he immediately composed himself and asked for the slippers. Without saying anything Yang Shizu put the pair of slippers on the ground and started walking towards the kitchen as he only said, "Get yourself comfor
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A New Stranger
Yang Shizu look at the car in front of him and then at the guy who is sitting on the driver side. Definitely this is not a cab but then if this is not cab then why it is haulted in front of him. Shizu's mind try to reason with him when the sound of car horn brought Shizu back to reality. He look at the person and asked, "How can I help you?" The guy pull down his sunglasses and his grey eyes look at Shizu. He is wearing a white tshirt on which he has covered himself with a green blazer which perfectly suited his white skin complexion. He had a piercing in his left ear. Looking at him Shizu instantly came to a conclusion that the guy is either mix breed or a foreigner. Those plum red lips turn into a smile as he replied, "Well I was going on my way and I saw you standing decided to help you." This totally caught Shizu off guard as he don't know what to say. The owner of the car then continued, "I assume you are going somewhere and there's cab strike today so you won't
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We Meet Again
An off white colored 15 storey building with a logo SfX written in the centre. Numerous trees surrounding the building making it cover with greenary and keeping the air fresh and alive. Yang Shizu stood there in amazement because he hasn't seen this much flora and fauna in the city. If he has seen the base of SfX is not exactly in the city it's a little bit farther from the city. Chiean Hwa is staring at Yang Shizu as he couldn't understand the expression on Shizu's face. Yang Shizu then look at the person who has just walk out of the building. Yang Tian hugged his brother as he asked, "How's the base of SfX?" Yang Shizu immediately gave thumbs up as he smiled giving a good glance to the building. And with that the trio entered the building. Chiean excused himself as he decided to get freshen up. The real of Chiean Hwa getting escaped is that he wants to clean his room if by chance Shizu decided to see it. Though he kept
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