Laura POV

I dress for the celebration and wait patiently for my mother to return to help me with the flowers in my hair. I have my long hair curled perfectly. My mother finally comes into the room with the long veil and the flowers. She works on my hair, placing flowers, and pinning the veil to my hair.

She looks me over and admires her work. "You look beautiful, Laura Angel," my mother says to me.

"Thank you, my queen," I say to her.

We leave my bedroom and go down the stairs to meet my father. "Asia," my father calls to my mother as we come down the stairs. "I know, Pip, we are running late, but you do not even want to go, so what difference does it make," my mother barks at him.

My father laughs at her. "I was only going to say that you look beautiful, Asia, my queen," my father says to her.

"Sure, you were, Pip, my king," she says to him, kissing him as he takes her hand.

We go out the front door. There is a carriage waiting to take us to the wolf pack territory. My father's right hand, Fairy, Jeb, is waiting and opens the carriage door for us. I get into the carriage first, followed by my mother and then my father.

"Stay close to us tonight, Laura. I do not want one of these wolves to run off with you," my father says.

"Yes, daddy," I answer him. My heart sinks, knowing what I have to tell him later.

My mother reaches over and touches my hand as if to tell me it will be okay. I know she has my back, but now I am more afraid to tell him. This is going to break his heart.

We arrive at the celebration. The house is packed with wolves and other creatures that I am not entirely sure what they are, to be honest. I look around for Luther, but I do not see him.

Jeb opens the carriage door. As we get out of the carriage, Luther's mother approaches. "Hello, my friends. I am so happy to see you came. I am Selene, and I will be your host for the evening. Follow me to your table," she says to my father.

We follow her. She has us set up close to the table for Luther and his family. We take our seats. I look around at all the other creatures and wolves dancing and drinking. I want to see Luther. I have to tell him what I have decided.

I get up from the table. "Where are you going?" my father asks.

"I am going to look around; I will not go far," I say to him.

I move quickly before he can object to my leaving the table. I run straight to Selene. "Where is he?" I ask her.

"He is in the house getting ready. If you are here to break his heart wait until after the ceremony," Selene says to me.

"No, it is the opposite. I have to see him now," I demand.

"Come on, and I will take you," Selene says.

She takes my hand and walks me into the house. As we walk into the house, I can hear Luther and his father going over his speech. Selene knocks on the bedroom door. "You have a guest," Selene says to Luther.

"I cannot see anyone right now," Luther says.

I step out from behind her. "Not even me?" I ask.

Luther drops what he is doing and runs to me. He picks me up. "My goodness, you look beautiful," he says to me, swinging me around the room.

"Can we talk in private?" I ask him.

"Yes," he says. He kisses me and sets me down. He takes my hand, and we walk to a bedroom down the hall. He closes the door behind us and takes me into his arms.

"What have you decided?" Luther asks me.

"How long until the ceremony?" I ask.

"We have a few hours before I have to give my speech," Luther says to me.

"I have decided I want to be your wife, now. I want to marry you, Luther, and be your Luna as soon as possible," I say to him.

Luther smiles at me. His large hands cup my face as he presses his lips to me and kisses me. I let my tongue slide into his mouth and press my body to him. I run my hand across his chest and begin to loosen the buttons on his shirt.

"I want you, Luther," I say to him.

He looks into my eyes and begins to kiss me harder. His hands slide down my back and make their way under my dress. I can feel him touch my ass and pull me closer to him. I begin to moan, and my breathing is labored.

"We do not have to do this now," Luther says to me.

"Yes, we do," I say.

I step back from him and remove my dress. I stand before him in my panties and the flowers in my hair. "you are so perfect," Luther says. His mouth goes straight for my breast. He suckles one while his hand caresses the other. I moan from his touch.

He scoops me up and carries me to his bed. He lays me on the bed while he removes his shirt and pants. I am nervous and scared, but I want him, and I want it to happen tonight. I want tonight to be special for so many reasons. The night he becomes Alpha, the night we tell everyone we are in love, and the night I give him my body.

Luther crawls into bed with me and is in between my legs. His body is pressed to me as he makes his way to my lips. He kisses me so softly, and I can feel his manhood press against me.

Luther kisses my neck as he pushes inside me. It is so painful. "Just relax and let me inside you, and then it will feel wonderful," Luther says to me.

I relax my body as I take him inside me. I can feel every inch of him breaking into my virginal pussy. I moan so loud as he pushes into me. He begins to thrust in and out of me. I grab his shoulders, bracing myself and then grabbing the sheets.

Our moans are loud, and I am sure everyone can hear us inside the house, but neither of us cares. I want him, and I am going to have him now. He kisses my neck as he goes in and out of me. I can feel my pussy tighten around his mighty member. I groan, and he growls as we make love on his bed.

I feel this unbelievable tingling in my body and then a sudden gush as I cum for him. I begin to moan louder. I cannot help myself. Luther pushes into me and growls a deep wolf growl as he releases into me. He leans down and kisses me as he slowly pumps into me.

Luther lays behind me and holds me after. "I am telling the pack tonight that I have chosen a wife, and then you will join me," Luther says to me. He kisses my back with tiny kisses.

"Yes, Alpha," I say to him.

"My Luna, I love you," Luther says.

"I love you too," I say to him, turning to kiss him.

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