Epilogue: Tattoo

No attention, no boys, no drama, no troubles.

The idealistic motto I had been fond of for years seemed really far away when I looked wistfully out of the window. Jonathan had undoubtedly turned my world upside down. I, who had been more than mildly reluctant to find a mate, was actually quite happy with the outcome of the alpha’s seduction.

Being in a relationship with Jonathan had been easier than getting over my fear of werewolves. Indeed, it barely took me two months to fall head over heels for him, whereas I had to spend several months challenging werewolves before I was finally able to vanquish my fear. And damn had I needed to do it! No alpha-ultra’s mate should be afraid of werewolves. That would be completely and utterly ridiculous.

When graduation came, I was only too happy to be rid of high school. That said, it wasn’t all I put behind me that day. Loving an alpha-ultra wasn’t just about status and power. With it c

Larose Semsem

And that's the end, my lovelies. I truly hope you enjoyed the read. Much love, Larose Semsem

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Tonya Horinek
Very good story! Great job, author!
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Pauline Burns Greenfield
I loved this book
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