~hello ladies ~

As if last night sermon wasn't enough. My mom made sure I had an earful at breakfast this morning while my dad kept chipping in every now and then in support.

And part of the punishment for being grounded is having to survive a whole week without my phone and television plus 7pm curfew with zero access to the internet for a week is really the height of it. 

Depression doesn't even come close to how I feel. My heart is broken with every bit of its scattered fragment buried deep into the mud.

I left home for school feeling like a fun part of my life have been stripped off me and am being thrown into the medieval world to face it with clubs and bows.

Only difference is, this is the twenty first century and phone is a basic necessity. Maybe not for my parent who totally believe one can actually do without it in a matter of just one week.


I wouldn't be this pissed off if I had other alternatives but my life is as borin

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