The Billionaire's Challenge
The Billionaire's Challenge
Author: sugarpuppies


I, Kate Andrea Jones, will never ever be weak. This day is my last day of college. Finally! I can run away from my worst nightmare. Today's my graduation. I'm finally free from hell. I snapped out from my thoughts when Zara called me.

"You're zoning out again..." Zara said, pouting.

"Sorry, Zara..I'm just imagining myself out of this place." I replied.

"I know. Me too. Ok let's go, we're gonna be late!"

Zara Williams, my best friend since my first year of college. She was my partner in crime and she was the one who's been with me during my hard times. She's like a sister to me.

I grabbed my luggage and my bag before leaving our dorm.

Zara and I walked to our seats while finding our loved ones. I scanned my surroundings and spotted my brother waving and smiling at me. I let go of Zara's arm and ran to him.

"Hey lil sis! Excited? You're finally done with college!"

"Not yet..haven't graduated yet. Here, take my luggage." I said and smiled widely.

"Go on now, Kate, make Mom and Dad proud." Josh hugged me and waved goodbye. I actually flinched when he said that. I never felt their affection before they even died. They were never there for me. I just ignored his sentence and left.

I sat between my best friend Zara and the nerd Alice. As we waited for the other students, I scanned the place and my eyes spotted him and her. I looked at them with disgusted eyes. Both of them ruined me. They both broke me. I looked away at that thought.

"Hey, you okay?" Zara asked.

"Yeah, just excited to leave college and finally move away." I said expressionlessly.

After a few more minutes our dean and our professors came and our graduation started.

"And our very own, Kate Andrea Jones! Graduate of BA Fashion Design!"

I proudly went up the stage and accepted my diploma and waited for Josh to put on my medal. And now, I have my last words before I leave hell.

"Thank you very much for this. I couldn't have done it without you. I know some of you, or most of you hate me because of this. That's ok. You can hate me all you want but remember, if you need help, I'll help you. I don't hate you all despite everything some of you did." I smiled and looked at him and her. "The thing is, we're still brothers or sisters. And I thank some of the people who stood there beside me. I thank my parents even though they're not here. I know wherever they are, they're proud of me. I thank my brother for always being beside me whenever I need him. Thanks for all the fun and hardships you gave me. It made me stronger and more mature." I smiled and continued. "Well, congratulations and good luck with a new world out there!" Everybody laughed and clapped as I went down the stage.

I was met by Zara and Josh. I hugged them both tightly and that got my eyes teary.

"Congrats Zara!!!!"

"You too Kate!!!! I can't believe it! We're done!!"

"I know right....I'm gonna miss you. Where are you off to anyway?"

"Well, I'm gonna go to L.A."

"Really? That far? Oh come on....that's like several hours from New York!"

"I'll miss you girl, you better call me often ok?" Zara said sobbing.

"You too ok? I'll miss you. I hope we can meet when we are free." My heart ached when I said that. I'm sure that I'll really miss Zara. She's the one who makes me comfortable when I'm sad and lifeless.

I hugged Zara tightly before turning to my brother.

"Hey lil sis! Congratulations!"

"Thanks big bro! Thanks for helping me throughout the year."

"I have a gift for you." He reached for his pocket and took out a rectangular box.

"Here. I bought that, I love you, Kate. Always remember that I'm here if you need me. Even if we're far from each other, I'll always be in your heart."

I opened the box and my eyes went wide. Holy shit! Josh gave me a Mercedes-Benz.

"Josh, you don't have to buy it, you know. I can earn it."

"I know but I want to buy it for you. Now this car will be yours and you have to take care of it. Use that everyday and always remember me. We're so proud of you!"

Tears flowed down my eyes and Josh wiped them away and hugged me.

"Ok, I have to go now. Take care my lil sis!"

I bid him goodbye and smiled. He's the best brother ever.

I was about to walk to my new car when someone bumped me. I turned and saw them.

"Oh hey Kate, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" Isabel said and laughed.

I just ignored her and turned around.

"What? You're just gonna ignore us?”,  she said.

I turned around and said, " You know what? I don't care about both of you anymore. I'm just happy to leave you two both. After you both did to me, I became stronger." I hissed back at Isabel and my ex, Troy.

"Oh and I forgot something." I slapped them both.

"How dare you!!" Isabel shouted. She was about to hit me when I caught her wrist.

"Don't dare hit me. Remember this. You have no right to hurt me. If you dare try, I will bring you down." I told her with my eyes flaring like a devil. She looked scared and Troy looked shocked.

I just laughed and walked to my car and drove off.

Finally! I'm free! I got home and felt tired. I decided to sleep before packing my stuff.

I woke up and ate my dinner before packing my things. I'll be leaving for New York tomorrow afternoon. New York's a far place from here. Far from my nightmare.

I was about to take my shower when my phone rang.

Me: Oh hey Zara!

Zara: Kate! I'm already leaving for Washington D.C. tonight.

Me: I'll miss you...thanks for being my best friend. I'll try to contact you when I'm free.

Zara: I'm gonna miss you too...I have to go now. Bye!

She hung up and left me crying. I'm really gonna miss her. She's been my best friend since the first year of college. She never left me. Well I hope the best for her.

I took my shower and jumped on my bed.

Tomorrow's gonna be a new day for me. No more Troy West and Isabel Montez.

I finally slept with a smile on my face.

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