Chapter - 5

Kashvi's Pov.:-

" Kashvi!.. Kashvi!.. where the heck are you? " I heard his roaring sound coming near with passing seconds.

I can hear his heavy banging steps on the floor causing my heartbeat to bang in my chest rhythmically with his banging fast steps.

Jolting up from the dining chair to seek a shelter where I can hide from him I panicked.

My eyes grew round and big when I found him standing before me with a furious expression, shuddering in an uneven fast breath.

I tried to step back but he fixes my body to the ground by holding my back head hair yanking them backwards causing me to close my eyes and sniffed my nose as it started to run due to weeping.

something happened to him because his grip disappeared from my hair to hold my face in his hands, gently!

" Why? Why are you so stubborn kashvi? can't you accept me as your husband? " this was new and shocking for me because the way he pleads to me caused me to look at him with my moist eyes.

" But mark my words doll. it's doesn't matters for me if you accept me or not because I am your husband and will be till my last breath " giving evidence of his bipolar self, he announced in anger and twist my hand back not painfully though.

' bloody psycho '

" What do you expect from me? To obey you like a good wife when you yourself won't consider me as your wife " I faked my act and from this now my plan begins.

" What do you mean? " He asked not getting the meaning of my words.

" Yes, you don't consider me as your wife, if you had considered me then you would have given me little liberty. Why I am caged in here? at least I can go outside this building to roam in the garden or other floors of this building but no. I am ought to live in here like a prisoner! even though I am the wife of this building's owner but have to live here like a prisoner. I don't like the look which your helpers pass to me, I don't want them to pity me. I am mistress of this house and I want my place here like I deserve after being your wife.

Why I can't talk to my family? why we are still stranger? you know everything about me but for me, It is a distant thing to know about you. When I even don't know your name, then how can you expect me to accept you as my husband? you kidnapped me and even forced me in a very brutal way which kicked me on the hospital bed! I am scared what if you are some terrorist or gangster or a mafia then what will I do? " I explained and wait for him to say something.

He cleaned my tears away and kissed my forehead still holding my face in his hands. I swallowed hard not knowing what is waiting next for me.

" You can roam in the whole building no one is going to stop and you can even go to a garden area outside the building. Regardless, you can't go outside the building till the time I announced you. soon, we will announce our marriage to everyone.

Also, you can't talk to your family because I am not a fool. till the time I will not get ensure that you have accepted me and our marriage you can't talk to them and about my name, you will know it soon till then stay as I am keeping you.

I will give you everything whatever you demand, in return I wish only two things is no betrayal and your heart! " He explained in his usual rough voice and at last kissed my forehead when he saw me nodding my head as yes.

" Come let me give you a tour of this building " saying this he pulled me away from the hug.

He interlinked our fingers with his emotionless face. one thing I learnt is he doesn't smile or laugh generally, smile and laughing are rare in his life this is what I have assumed.

He usually plasters a cold hard face no emotion over it.

" So you already have seen, it's our bedroom, adjacent to it in this row all are rooms same as our's bedroom, obviously not big as our's and here this is the kitchen of this floor, it's a game room and here it's balcony " he displayed me the complete fourth floor on which we are staying.

Currently, we both are standing on the balcony. it's open without any roof over it, its architecture is like an artificial garden. where the swing is present with flower plants in flower pots, bestowing a beautiful blissful nature look and the grass on the ground. It's freezing outside with fading fog in the air but still, this chill of air is soothing my sore body, I hugged my body to rubbed it with my hands to passed away coldness from my skin, also to heat my numb skin by rubbing it.

the silence in the atmosphere giving me enough moments to get emotional as negative thoughts are not leaving my head. they have made a house in my head however, in hope, I am still do have the courage to save myself.

I moved more further to rest my hands on the threshold of the balcony. Once I will successfully escape from here then I will show him what Kashvi Arora is! he will regret his birth after facing my warmth.

I was wandering in my thoughts of killing him when He snaked his hands around my waist to make me closed my eyes to hide my anger in them.

My breath fastens in suspicion giving birth to a slight idea of his next move. it broke my calm self to make me shiver under his hold.

He moved his face at the junction of my neck and shoulder. he rubbed his side face over my side head. My body shivered due to this act, despite getting warmth from his body my body dare to shiver more.

I tried hard not to let my shiver pass in my body but despite, my protest, my body started to tremble more when his hands moved upward in slow motion from my waist to my stomach where he hit my belly lightly with his middle finger.

At the same time, he moved his face more in my neck to touch it with his lips. he plants a month full wet kiss on my neck with that his hands also reached to my bosoms and he squeezed them harshly while he is sucking my neck's skin.

For a second I forgot to breathe when he squeezed my bosoms. My hands unknowingly to me hold his hands to stop him.

" I want you right now. We will tour other floors after completing our business," he said huskily in my ears and bite it lightly sensually we both are panting heavily, I can hear his harsh heavy breathing over my skin.

" No ... Please leave me," I said in a panic.

" I promise I will be gentle this time. just don't push me away, let me have my way with you " he again said and started to run his hands over my body with squeezing, nibbling every part, which made me hiss in pain.

My tears flow down like a river. meanwhile, I tried to wiggle out from his iron tight hold. While he is behaving like a hungry animal who hasn't eaten anything in ages.

His actions are becoming vigorously and painful and it's becoming hard for me to handle him.

I tried to elbow him but he caged my hands before me in one hand while the other is running down.

He pulled up my dress to slide his hand under it and ran his hand to reach my feminine part. he gives a light slap over it.

I gasped and some fearful tickling feeling developed in my stomach causing me to clench my thighs curled my toes and fingers, bite my lips. the gist of all this my body liked it.

" No .. please, I am still in pain, please let me go " I fake plead to him because, in reality, I want to do anything to him than pleading but I am afraid that he will know that I liked it therefore I should keep myself away from him and to my surprise, he stopped his movements when he saw me weeping.

He turned me around to face me. I lowered my head in humiliation and shame, and he took it as I am really in vulgar condition.

Yes, I am indeed in pain but it's not like I will lick his shoes for showing me mercy. I am bearing his shit only because  I am helpless, another wise I would have chopped his head with his dick.

He grabs my face in his hands to look into my eyes which perhaps be red till now as I am crying for the past three days including this one.

He kissed my forehead and stepped back.

" Made lunch for me I will come at strict 2 pm. Till then bye and take rest " saying this he turned around to go out.

I stood in my place and sighed in relief  .. ' just like that kashvi you need to pretend and took advantage of his caring behaviour to fly out from this hell one day '

I looked down from the balcony to see him moving towards his car seems like he felt my eyes on him, he moved his head up and looked at me.

He is continuously staring at me while I too because I don't know what to do apart from it. felt like we are in some staring tournament.

I looked around me, no, everything is okay then why the heck is staring at me?

Not knowing what to do to break his starting competition. I waved my hand to him with a fake smile to which he nods his head with shining eyes and sits in his car.

I looked at his moving car guarded by others. All the cars moved out of my sight.

Getting the opportunity to look around, I moved my eyes to observe everything. This building or mansion is in a silent place, no other house is not coming into my sight or this building comes in this huge land area that my eyes are unable to catch a glimpse of any other house.

Curiosity kick into my system and also I need to know everything before putting any stupid stunt which will lead me only in the ocean of trouble.

As knowledge and practice make it perfect. Consequently, now I am going to look around everything to approve my escape plan.

Like an excited toddler, I ran down from the lobby to estaa.

" Are you okay? Did he harm you? " The moment she saw me, she came rushing to me with asking about my condition.

I shook my head as no to which she released a sigh of relief.

" He has given me permission to roam anywhere in this building, even I can go outside," I said to her like a small kid.

She also joined me in my happiness " Let's go to see outside " I said to her to which she took hold of my hand to stop me in my steps.

" First wear something warm, outside is freezing " she suggested and I soon came back in the hall with the long scarf around my body.

We both moved into the lift area where four guards were standing there doing their job.

One of them stopped us while the other covered the elevator's door behind their body.

" Sorry mam but you can't go inside it," said the man who stopped us.

I raised my eyebrows in anger as I am getting impatient with passing seconds, I am suffocating here!

" Call your boss right now! " I said in my hard voice. I am not sorry for my rude behaviour because they deserve it.

" Sir mam wants to have some words with you," said the man and hand me his cell.

" Hello! It's hardly been half an hour leaving you and you already started to miss me! " He said with naughtiness mixed voice.

I rolled my eyes in annoyingness however didn't correct him.

" They are not letting me go out," I said in a monotone.

" Let me talk to them," he said and I passed the phone to the man.

They talk, god knows what? as their language was unknown to me. I even couldn't get a single word in my head as my ears became deaf to their language. so understanding their words is out of the subject.

But after hanging up call they let us go.

*Ping* Elevator door open for us to step out from it causing my heart to ping in accomplishment.

I got mesmerized by the view. It's freaking deadly wonderful, I am a fan of old things and the look of this living hall is old Indian culture mixed, With royalty architecture.

' seems like your husband is way more powerful and wealthy than your imagination ' my brain declared after checking the living hall.

Regardless, we move out to see guards are standing in a row guarding a long way around the whole entrance gate.

They all bowed their head towards me and I stood awkwardly not knowing what to do because my bodyguards have never done this to me, they always greet me like ' good morning or good afternoon or good evening ' but bowing like this. I don't appreciate such behaviour.

Nevertheless, who I am to object to? they are not my staff. Therefore, I let it be!

" Mam! we have to take a ride on this to discover the whole area," estaa said me showing a little open van.

I raised my eyebrows in questioning. What does she mean to say? why do we need this vehicle to see around?

But as I am not in the mood of talking so I sit on it with her and one man driving it while two sit behind our seat with weapons in their hands.

I swallowed because deep down the confidence I had buildup saying that I will easily escape from here is fading with every passing second after witnessing how well scheduled security is.

Van started to move. It took a turn and here it is a beautiful fountain. one mermaid statue is kissing a human man statue and water is flowing around it. it's so beautiful.

I was failed to catch it before as the road is surrounded by trees from both opposite sides. so, when I was on the balcony I couldn't catch its glimpse.

Van is running on the road while me enjoying the wonderful view of trees around it.

It's been fifteen minutes and we are still running with the van.

" look over there mam, that's a massive gate is entry gate. " Estaa hushed in my ears and I looked keenly to watch, yes there is a gate with tight security around it. several men are standing around it with weapons.

' is my so-called husband is a mafia? ' I wondered and bite my nails in tension after looking that every man has their respective sets of weapons.

We took turns from there to move away from my dream. I looked at the gate with moist eyes.

' calm down kashvi. One day you will kiss your freedom ' I said to myself.




That's how I see every corner of the property to know he has Horse stables,  orchards of apple, grapes, mango, some other orchards for woods, yes all these farms are in this fucking property.

Thank god I didn't protest for a van, another wise I would be dead till now with walking this long distance.

His horse stables are massive where are all the good rare breeds of horses present. although I don't have any knowledge regarding horses they all are looking bulky with tight muscles and beautiful because of their long bouncy tail and hairs on the upper head to the back.

Those horses are his horses for the ride. while he owns horse racing clubs. This is what one bodyguard had told me while showing me around.

Currently, I am in the kitchen doing. what? obliviously cooking. For whom? So, obviously who else, the great husband of mine not forget Only in papers!

I have made simple Indian lunch for both of us.

" Hey! estaa please set the table. I have done cooking just this salad left " I said without looking back when I heard footsteps coming inside the kitchen.

I gasped in surprise when I felt hands around my waist running to hold me tight. I tried to hold the hands with turning around but stopped when I heard a hushed husky dominating voice over my ears. " it's me "

This is enough for me to know that it's the devil himself standing behind me. I closed my eyes to calm my raging bate self so that I won't do something stupid in anger that leads me to unwanted trouble.

My body shivered with high panting when He kissed my neck to make my stomach curled up in disgust. 

" What have you cooked for lunch? " He asked still smelling my hair and playing with them which are tied in a bun.

' poison ! ' came the sudden reply in my head but I don't have a death wish so, herewith smile I said: " chicken curry, boiled brown rice, chapati, salad and chocolate Lava cake .. that's all ".

He nods his head without any smile on his face .. ' rude ' I said in my head. At least he should be grateful that I.. I the world's biggest lazy girl has cooked something for him and he.. he even didn't show a smile.

Must be wondering why I need his smile? because in human behaviour if you show your smile to someone it means that you like them, trust them, understand them or much more.

Therefore, I need his trust, so I can fly out from here but I am unable to read his mind as he usually plasters an emotionless face which is impossible to read what is running in his mind.

" Good," he said after looking at my face continuously. I know why he is doing so. He is reading my face to know the genuineness of my smile is true or a fake mask.

I cleared my throat to pull him from whatever he was linking in his head.

" Come lunch is ready you sit on the table I am coming " I was saying to him when he suddenly sealed his lips over mine to kiss me hungrily.

I wanna kick on his balls but I am full mindly aware that he will do more than a kiss if he lost his mind. Forced kiss is a better choice than forced sex.

I let him lick, bite, suck, dominate my mouth but this kiss tasted different than the one which we had in his office where he had forced me.

I hold his blazer's cloth in my fists tight grip when my lungs cried in lack of air. I hit him on his chest lightly to tell him to leave me.

He left my lips and my fogged spinning head automatically rest on his chest meanwhile he hugged me while patting my back. My lips are hot as a heater so my face, they are shivering with twinkling in the red shade like a star as blood flow is high in them.

After making me look up at his face he run his thumb over my lower lip to let me know that it's swelling due to his breathtaking kiss.



He sits on his chair meanwhile estaa placed all the bowels. I served him his fare not giving him any room to remind me that I am his wife and I have to serve him.

He didn't touch his food and looked at me. I raised my eyebrows in questioning and this mute man believes in actions than words so, he pulled me in his lap.

I gasped when I found myself over his lap. I opened my mouth to argue with him but he slams a spoonful of chicken rice inside my opened mouth.

Due to this, I had to swallow it down my throat as the taste of chicken give life to my tastebuds and at the same time, I was starving like hell.





" Food was delicious. From now on you will cook for me " He said with a neutral face no smile nothing.

' you need to work hard kashvi to pull him in your trap! ' I said in my head.

" Thanks, I will, " I said with a smile but a fake one. I got up from his lap to place all the dishes inside the dishwasher.

Meanwhile, he keenly read my all moves which make me nervous, what? I am not an actor who can easily fake an act as his ideal wife. I don't have complete trust not even a drop of it on my acting skills but still, there is hope. That I can do this!

Regardless, the biggest challenge for me is this building's security plus the area around it, because this building is surrounded by valleys. There are only green. Trees which you will find as his this building is in the middle of the forest. All silent place no trace of any other person.

" Welcome me in your thoughts also? " My thoughts broke by none other than hippopotamus no they are cute, he is a demon.

" I was just wondering about our future," I said.

" What it is? " He said pulling my hands in his hold to pull me towards him, he put my body on kitchen Iceland with him standing in the middle of my legs.

This position made me sick in my system. the only thing which I wanna do is to kick him on his balls till he becomes Impotent.

" Because you don't trust me," I said in my low and as cute an innocent voice as I could cope with a pout.

" It will take time," he said truthfully.

" I know but at least you can tell me your name. " I said.

" Why are you behind my name, call me with any lovely doubly Nickname like hubby, babe, love etc etc  " he suggested.

I gave up on knowing his name from him but will surely know in future, also it's not required because my priority is to run away from here not to settle down with him.

I roamed my eyes in the kitchen randomly to stop them from rolling in annoyingness before him. they caught potato *idea*  

" Okay, then I will call you potato as you are so bright white like a potato, " I said with evilness in my eyes to annoy him when I saw his clenched face but he nods his head accepting his name.




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